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Av. Sayil 1 N, Manzana 5, Lote 2-A Local 202 Plaza Solare Zona Hotelera 77500 Cancun QuintanaRoo, Cancun, Mexico


Welcome to Bojanini Hair & Skin Experts Cancun Clinic brings the best of Hair and Skin Care Solutions in Mexico  Bojanini Polanco Clinic is a branch of renowned Bojanini Hair and Skin Experts is part of the new age in hair transplant procedures, capilar trearments, beauty health care. Dr. Giovanni Bojanini is the founder of the clinic. As a pioneer of these topical treatments. Dr. Bojanini is a recognized authority in the field, reaching over 90% effectiveness in disciplined patients. Currently, many patients around the world have positioned Giovanni Bojanini´s centers as a Latin America leader in both female and male pattern baldness. About us Hair transplant and loss hair: we have more than 25 years of experience in loss hair, we offer you a variety of customized anticalvicie formulas, lotions and capilar treatments and hair transplant procedures.  Anti-Aging treatments: Rejuvenate skin and renew facial appea Read More

Recent Reviews

  • Michael P

    while i was interested in this firm i wrote them but sadly never received return email...but in fairness we changed our plans for a different city

    Jun 17 2022
  • Pablo

    Personalized attention from doctors, good facilities and a super comfortable and discreet environment. Recommended

    Google reviews Sep 25 2021
  • Marisol

    I highly recommend the clinic for the friendly, professional and safe treatment.

    Google reviews Oct 25 2021

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