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Tamarindo Costa Rica, 50309, Tamarindo, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

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Dittel Dental Care provides best Dental Treatment in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Book online now Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening, and Ceramic Restorations at Dittel Dental Care. We are a dental clinic present the best solution in restoring your beautiful smile. Because of our certified group of professionals, we can cover the necessities of each patient. Our doctors have over 20 years of experiences, educations and professional journey in dentistry. They have helped to the best colleges of the nation, and have supplemented their work with continued national and international education. The incredible passion we feel towards our profession makes us different than other centers. We work with the greatest quality innovation labs to offer the best support of our patients. We ensure they are in the best hands. Our promise to our patients is to treat them with honesty, regard and solace. Our principle objective is to give them back the smile they looking for. We are situated in Cartago a Read More

Recent Reviews

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    Wade P

    I had an implant done here over a year ago and all went well. The work was done and still seems fine today. No complaints here. My dental insurance company needed some information and dental codes and I have been unable to get them from this office. As it stands, the entire procedure will be fully out of pocket on my part as they will not even respond to my requests now. If you have dental insurance, I would look for a different provider.

    Mar 25 2024
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    Christa S

    “Hi my name is Christa Stark from Seattle, Washington. Pablo has been my dentist. He is amazing, the best dentist I ever had. So I suggest coming here. He is gentle. He does an amazing job, and lasts forever. Thanks Pablo.”

    Dittel Dental Care Feb 08 2022

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