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Rua Benedito Araújo, 125 • Centro • São João da Boa Vista - SP , Sao Paulo, Brazil

About Medical Sense Group

Be sure that we will give you the same treatment as we would give to ourselves. Medical Sense Group is a specialized company in management of customer services in the health business, so that you have more efficacy and agility in the process. Besides, being in a place replete of natural wealth and that trifle away tranquillity, seems to be the best option to start a new phase in your life. We still count with a very favorable dollar rate exchange, allowing us to offer this services in much lower costs. Who we are? Medical Sense Group is set with the best professionals in the management of customer service, with many years of experience in Brazil and abroad, knowing exactly how to take care of you. Medical Sense Group offers : Individualized attention Directing the case to the health providers A guide/interpreter according to your needs Safe and comfortable transport to all your needs Medical Treatments We Offer: Plastic Surgery Densistry Surgery Read More

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