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40a Metrolohichna street, Kyiv 03143, Ukraine, Kiev,Kyiv 04073, Ukraine

About EmCell Clinic

EmCell was the first clinic in the world to use fetal stem cells for treating individuals as a routine procedure and the first in Ukraine to receive a license permitting the application of stem cells. We also hold the world's first patents for the clinical use of fetal stem cells. Since its opening in 1994, EmCell has gained extensive experience in fetal stem cell therapy and follow-up worldwide. We have performed more than 8,500 transplantations of fetal stem cell suspensions to more than 4,700 patients from 90 countries. EmCell has developed and introduced the largest number of approved and safe clinical protocols into clinical practice. EmCell's method is very effective, minimally invasive, and has no known side effects. The unique properties of stem cells that we use allow for their application in many diseases, including cases where other methods have proved ineffective. EmCell's in-house procedure for preparing fetal stem cell suspensions, testing and ap Read More


Recent Reviews

  • Anonymous

    Scars are always telling a story. For some they are a reason to brag about an adventure but for others they are a constant reminder of a very painful memory. For men, scars are showing their bravery but a woman is embarrassed and has a low self-esteem everytime is looking at her scars. 

    Dec 12 2021
  • Anonymous

    I am the son of the patient and my name is H.H. My mother is better than before!

    Dec 02 2021
  • Anonymous

    A success story of a patient who took stem cell treatment for brain injury from Emcell Clinic in Ukraine.

    Dec 01 2021

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