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0105. Sulkhan Saba st 9. app.2, Tbilisi, Georgia
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Healthy Dent Dental Clinic, Tbilisi, Georgia

Welcome to Healthy Dent Dental Clinic


Healthy Dent Dental Clinic is a modern dental clinic located in the beautiful city of Tbilisi, Georgia. The clinic was opened in 2010 and since then it's medical team offers a wide range of dental treatments with the latest technology. The success of Healthy Dent Dental Clinic is based on its high standards, and low costs of running a business in Georgia, which results in affordable prices, especially for the international patients.

The clinic is also renowned for its team of highly-qualified and experienced dentists, whose expertise covers a wide range of dental areas. The materials used are of the best quality and are imported from USA, Germany, and Switzerland.

Healthy Dent Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing its patients with the highest quality of care and service in a friendly relaxed atmosphere while working within the planned budget and schedule. The new dental clinic office has three treatment rooms, six dentists, and laboratory with a technician.

By visiting Dental Clinic Healthy Dent in Tbilisi for a dental treatment you can save 60% - 70% or more on your dental expenses. Patients will enjoy a free checkup, free teeth cleaning and free of charge one-day tour of historical places of Tbilisi (including guide and translator). The clinic offers for foreign patients free transportation from the airport to the hotel, and back.


Dental Treatments in Tbilisi, Georgia


Treatments & Procedures

  • Prosthodontics (false teeth, dental implants, dentures, veneers, crowns and teeth whitening),
  • Endodontics (root canals),
  • Oral surgery (tooth extraction),
  • Implantology (dental implants),
  • Cosmetic dentistry (teeth whitening, dental bonding, bridges, dental crowns, dental veneers),
  • General dentistry (from teeth cleaning to full restorative dental work).


Dentists in Tbilisi, Georgia


Medical Team


Dr. Maia Mumladze, Dentist, Tbilisi, GeorgiaDr. Maia Mumladze DDS - Chief doctor of the clinic

General Dentist 
Cosmetic Dentist 
Restorative Dentist 




Dr. Nino Vashakidze, Dental Specialist, Tbilisi, GeorgiaDr. Nino Vashakidze

General Dentist 
Cosmetic Dentist





Dr. Valeri Keresekidze, Oral Surgeon, Tbilisi, GeorgiaDr. Valeri Keresekidze

Oral Surgeon 






Dr. Ann Dvalidze, Cosmetic Dentist, Tbilisi, GeorgiaDr. Ann Dvalidze

General Dentist 
Cosmetic Dentist 
Restorative Dentist 




Dr. Vasil Chonishvili, Oral Surgeon, Tbilisi, GeorgiaDr. Vasil Chonishvili

Oral Surgeon 




Dental Tourism In Georgia Patient Testimonial

"I was in Tbilisi for a few weeks on business. A colleague went to Healthy Dent to have some major work done and he was extremely happy, so I decided to pay the clinic a visit as my teeth were overdue a thorough clean. The results were better than I experience from my regular dental clinic and I rate my regular dentist very highly." John, UK


Why Georgia

Georgia is located at the crossroad of Europe and Asia, at the eastern end of the Black Sea. Georgia is one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world, with climatic zones ranging from subtropical to high alpine to semi-desert. Georgia is also home to vast expanses of completely unspoiled wildernesses, including one of Europe’s largest national parks.

But Georgia is also renowned for its high-quality medical treatments, experienced physicians, and affordable prices. The country is among the top choices for international medical tourists looking for exquisite dental treatments, plastic surgery or fertility procedures.



Find out how Healthy Dent Dental Clinic can transform your oral health and the look of your smile, and take the opportunity to visit our wonderful, historic city of Tbilisi while you are here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information about our services.

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