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Affordable Dental Treatments in Tbilisi Georgia

Package price starting from: $4000
Treatment: Dentistry
Associated Center: Healthy Dent Dental Clinic
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Affordable Dental Treatments in Tbilisi, Georgia

Affordable Dental Treatments in Tbilisi, Georgia

Having healthy teeth is crucial for your appearance, self esteem and self confidence! With these flawless, affordable dental treatments available in Georgia you’ll look and feel great and you’ll regain your dental health in no time!

Healthy Dent Dental Clinic (Tbilisi, Georgia) is a modern dental clinic which features the latest technology a highly trained medical team (whose expertise cover a wide range of dental areas) and offers a wide range of dental treatments. The clinic's success is based on its high-standards and low costs. The medical supplies used are of the best quality and are imported from USA, Germany and Switzerland.

Regardless if your dental issues are visible or not, they have to be solved in the shortest time, so that you restore and maintain your life quality to the desired standards. Unfortunately, dental treatments have a high cost in most of the countries. The good news is that in Georgia, a place renowned for its top notch dental clinics and experienced dentists, you can find the dental treatments you need at affordable costs.

What is the cost of dental treatments?

At Healthy Dent Dental Clinic (Tbilisi, Georgia), the offer includes all types of dental treatments, with the total price of more than $4,000. The dental packages are customizable and available to both international and local patients.

The clinic offers very advantageous dental offers (to all of its patients). If the amount of dental treatment more than $4,000 (according to preliminary estimates), the clinic will pay for accommodation in a beautiful hotel in the center of Tbilisi.

The offer includes:

1. Affordable high quality dental treatment.

2. Meeting at Tbilisi airport.

3. Free transfer to the hotel, as well free transfer to Tbilisi airport after the dental treatment.

4. Hotel accommodation for free (during the dental treatment).

Benefits of the dental treatments:

  • Restore dental health
  • Improve appearance
  • Boost self esteem and self confidence
  • The customizable dental treatment packages are affordable and aim at satisfying each and every patient

Find out everything about the dental treatments offered by Healthy Dent Dental Clinic and start smiling again! Contact us now!

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