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Distance Treatment Course

Package price starting from: $2250
Associated Center: Eliava Phage Therapy Center
3 Gotua street, 0160 Tbilisi, Georgia, Georgia
Focus Area: , Georgia| , Georgia

Distance Treatment Course in Georgia

Distance treatment course is for those patients who could potentially benefit from phage therapy but are not able to travel for multiple reasons. The clinic can send packages of phages to multiple countries all over the globe and provide necessary recommendations suitable for your treatment.

In order to improve remote clinical service, the Eliava Phage Therapy Center offers consultations online when needed. This allows patients and physicians to communicate in real-time while also maintaining HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA, & HITECH compliance. Physicians can assess a patient’s medical history, perform evaluations, and more using interactive medicine. Online consultations are very convenient and make sense if you want to check your medical prescriptions when you don’t have a traveling possibility.

  • Telemedicine increases access to care.
  • Telemedicine improves the quality of care delivery.
  • Telemedicine enhances traditional face-to-face medicine.
  • Telemedicine improves patient engagement and satisfaction.
  • Telemedicine improves provider satisfaction.

Before arranging an appointment with a doctor it is necessary to send them all your medical findings so that the doctor can get a clear picture of your current health condition.

In order for the specialist to be more aware of your full condition, it would be helpful to provide all of your medical findings, the history of your condition, lab reports, etc. Make sure to mention your diagnosis if you have one, this will help the specialist assess your eligibility for treatment.

The course includes:

  1. Initial telemedicine meeting with the doctor
  2. Providing treatment courses with the most suitable phages or custom phages at an additional cost
  3. Commencing phage therapy at home and modifying the treatment plans as necessary under the doctor’s observation. Additional telemedicine consultations or bacteriological analysis if needed.
  4. Evaluation and conclusion of the performed therapy
  5. Repeat bacteriological analysis
  6. Follow up by EPTC team

The consultations can be done freely over email and when necessary, via telemedicine. The involvement of your doctor would be beneficial to your treatment but it is not strictly required.

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