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Affordable Anti Aging Treatment in Seoul, South Korea

847 Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Seoul , Seoul, South Korea
Specialty: Anti Aging, Skin Care
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SeouLeaguer Dermatology Profile Overview

Anti aging and skincare in Seoul, South Korea

SeouLeaguer Dermatology - Best Skin Care and Anti Aging Solutions in Seoul, South Korea

SeouLeaguer is the first global Korean medical beauty center offering the best of skin care, anti-aging, beauty treatment and cosmetics. Located in Seoul, South Korea, the center provides best of skin, dermatology and anti aging solutions at affordable prices for international patients. With the support of experienced doctors, dermatologists and advanced technologies, they provide top-notch treatment procedures to make younger looking beautiful skin.

SeouLeaguer has different dedicated solutions for the patients. These services include Heartline Center, Facelift, Laser, Special, Petit treatment, Medical and Body treatment.

Heartline Center - Skin Care Procedures and Treatments in Seoul, South Korea by SeouLeaguer Dermatology

The expert team of SeouLeaguer administers a top-notch contour heart line injection that helps to make face slimmer at once without surgery. Their powerful heart line injection is a fat-disintegrating treatment that removes unnecessary fat from the facial parts such as cheek, double chin, etc. They have developed this injection after long research and the best part is that it produces powerful effects in a single treatment without the need for multiple occasions like a contour injection with a differentiated solution.

Heart line center also provides Heart Link, which is a combination of heart line injection that breaks down facial fat by a single operation and effective shrink-lifting to create V-line face.

SeouLeaguer as Best Dermatology Clinic in Seoul also provides a combination of heart line injection and lifting. Their Heart & Lifting is another solution to reduce facial fat and make elasticity to sagging skin and muscles.

Apart from that, SeouLeaguer provides various other skin care and anti aging solutions such as

Facelift- Their facelift procedures include advance level of techniques to make skin soft, smooth and glamorous. The non-surgical facelift procedures include:

  • No-touch Aqua shine
  • High-touch Aqua shine
  • Silhoutte soft
  • Blue Rose
  • Ulthera

Laser- Their laser treatment options also feature a wide range of treatment options, which include:

  • Ruby toning laser
  • Ruby laser
  • 12PL laser
  • V-beam laser
  • Co2 laser
  • Fraxel lase
  • LDM
  • APL

Petit Treatment- Those who want botox and filler treatments, they can get solutions such as:

  • Sculpture filler
  • Volume filler
  • Neck Wrinkle filler
  • Ellanse filler
  • Botox
  • Contour injection

Medical- SeouLeaguer also has a wide range of medical care solutions to improve skin care such as:

  • Oxygen detox
  • Growth factor ampoule
  • Skin booster
  • Skin regeneration
  • Moisturizing care
  • Vitam care
  • FOxC Peel
  • AQUA peel
  • Milk peel
  • Skin scaling
  • PDT

Body Treatment- There are also body care solutions such as:

  • S-line injection
  • Fat-dissolving injection
  • Skinny legs injection

Special- SeouLeaguer's special range of treatments includes:

  • Sculpture filler
  • Panda injection

Advantages of Choosing Anti Aging Treatment in Seoul, South Korea

  • Affordable prices for local and international patients
  • Experienced doctors and dermatologists
  • Using advanced technologies
  • Top-notch treatment procedures to make younger looking beautiful skin

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