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Al Mazoon st., Alkhoud, Muscat, Oman Al Khoud Muscat, Muscat, Oman
Specialty: Ayurveda
Focus Area: Al-Manar Ayurvedic Center | Ayurveda Treatment | Stress | Anxiety | Sleep Disorder | Eye Care | Joint Pain | Arthritis | Muscat | Oman

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Ayurvedic Treatment in Oman

Al Manar Ayurvedic Center- Best Natural Treatments using Ayurveda in Oman

Al Manar Ayurvedic Center is a renowned facility that practices Ayurvedic therapies in Muscat, Oman. Al Manar is practicing Ayurveda since 2003 in its totality aiming at prevention, cure and rejuvenation of the whole being keeping up with the original Ayurvedic philosophy, texts and values. They believe in promoting a balanced holistic way of life. The welcoming atmosphere at Al Manar Ayurvedic Center is very soothing and the ambiance gives a feel of being in a place where you can find comfort to your all five senses.
The Oman clinic of Al Manar Ayurvedic Center was opened in 2017 with the sole purpose to help as many people as possible to restore their health naturally.With more than two generations of tradition, excellence, and quality in providing natural medical care in a comfortable and convenient environment, Al Manar brings peace of mind for the thousands of patients they care about every day with the help of doctors, specialists, and therapists. They focus on offering a wide range of consistently high quality and up-to-date natural medical services that allow them to improve the health of the communities they serve with compassion and sensitivity to the individual needs of patients and their families. As a natural healthcare organization, they aspire to be the ayurvedic center of choice in Oman and be recognized for having the most satisfied patients, the best possible clinical outcomes, and the best physicians, specialists, and caring employees.
Al Manar Ayurvedic Center allows you to experience authentic Kerala Ayurveda in Oman. Those who are not familiar with Ayurveda, might be skeptical about the benefits too. However, those who have been brought up with Ayurveda, they will want to know how Al Manar can guarantee authenticity. Their treatments are informed by the technical expertise of a highly reputed Ayurveda hospital in Kerala. They recruit staff from Kerala, where they are trained in authentic Ayurveda. The doctors study a five year degree program and all of their therapists have at least six year’s experience, so you know you will be in safe hands.

Treatments and Services:

  • Effective treatment for psoriasis, mental worries, Insomnia etc.
  • Alleviates constipation, distention and chronic fever etc.
  • Effective for dealing with stress, anxiety and sinusitis etc.
  • Effective for joint pains and reducing stiffness of joints
  • Helps to reduce inflammation and pain in many cases
  • Beneficial for Eye Care, Improves vision and Cools the eyes etc.
  • Effective in type of disorder and constitution of the patient etc.
  • Curing arthritis, rheumatic conditions and sports injuries etc.
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