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Discover a New You with Makeover Travel: Cosmetic Surgery in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Head Office: Santa Cruz - Bolivia, Main International Branch / Mexico City D.F, 281 Horacio Polanco 11570 Mexico, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Specialty: Anti Aging, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Skin Care
Focus Area: Makeover Travel Bolivia | Breast Augmentation | Face Lift | Breast Lift | Breast Reduction | Lip Implant | Liposuction | Neck Lift |Tummy Tuck Surgery | Rhino Plasty | Buttock Augmentation | Santa Cruz Bolivia

Makeover Travel Profile Overview

Looking for Plastic Surgery with excellent surgeons at a safe destination outside your country?


Welcome to Makeover Travel
The highest quality services in integrated medical care.



In 2008/2009/2010
Makeover Travel named top medical tourism organization in Bolivia for fifth consecutive year
Ranked among Top 10 medical Tourism Companies worldwide specialized in cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Makeover Travel has received the award from IOCIM Internation Organizational for Compacitation and Medical Investigation.
The international Medical Award.
"Prize To The Medical Center By Achievement for Better Life"

Makeover Travel is an international renowned medical tourism service agency specialized in the organization of Plastic Surgery Vacations.


Our Group is worldwide leader in Cosmetic Surgery Tourism, and Image Transformation. 
Our only focus is your Beauty...

With Makeover Travel you have an opportunity to Change your Life Forever!!By traveling with us you are certain that you are getting the best price for your procedure and the highest quality service of integrated medical care available.

Who we Are?
Makeover Travel is an organization at the Medical Forefront coordinating Aesthetic & Makeover Trips to South America -Bolivia.

MakeOver Travel is the first and unique World renowned medical organization in Bolivia specialized in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery treatments to people living in other countries.

Being the first company in Bolivia specialized in cosmetic surgery holidays, we were able to select to partner with the highest quality private clinics and most experienced surgeons.

Promoting and maintaining the highest standards of surgical practice and patient health care we have achieved excellence in our field; that is the reason why for more than 10 years our surgeons have been in charge of preparing international top models to compete in the leading international beauty contests.

Why Makeover Travel?
Makeover Travel... A More Confident You!!

The choice of an appropriate medical provider can be daunting and many factors will influence your ultimate decision. Quality of Care is Paramount.

Many medical centers offer plastic and cosmetic surgeries overseas.
Why should you stop at us?  Yes, you have good reasons to do so...

We are No 1 in our field
Pioneering worldwide in the organization of trips focused in Plastic Surgery - Beauty & Image Change -. Makeover Travel is today’s one of the most well known and awarded medical agency in Latin America.

We received in 2006 & 2008 the International Award
" Estrella de Diamante Internacional"
for the Best Quality & Service in the beauty field

And the Award -2004, 2005, 2006 and 2009 -
"Mejor organización Turística y Medica Boliviana"       
"Best Tourist and Medical Organization in Bolivia"
Best Organization in the Medical-Tourism field

Our network of hospitals are among the leading healthcare institutions, equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art medical technology and board certified surgeons.

The clinics and hospitals we have selected  have either Joint Commission Accreditation (JCI) or International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which signifies that they are internationally recognized in the field of healthcare.

Our medical centres are the largest, and the most specialized centres in Bolivia for plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. The Bolivian Conferences on Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, the most important events in plastic surgery and the platform for the latest scientific advances are hosted by most of our centres.

We have partnered with the largest international hospital in Santa Cruz. With 8 private and specialist hospitals, it offers healthcare standards similar to what you would find at home.

Makeover Travel works with:

  • A prestigious group of board certified specialists, all of them with very active professional careers in major international universities and important hospitals and privates clinics.
  • All are head directors of their clinic and have more than 20 years experience. A winning team of seasoned, expert and dedicated surgeons who are innovators in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery, in focused on making the surgery as safe as possible with decreased pain.
  • All our surgeons are certified by a board, and they are members of the Bolivian, Brazilian, and Ibero Latino America Society of Aesthetic, Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery.
  • Our private insurance ensures you an incomparable surgical Guarantee, that none other surgeon or clinic would be able to ensure you.

Our Clinic.
We work with 8 private clinics, hospitals, and medical center specialized in plastic and cosmetic surgery; all of which are certified and highly recommended by foreign agencies (consulates, international company, international insurance companies, embassies, etc. …).

All of them had the most up-to-date and state-of-the-industry medical technology and equipment, with direct contact and support that you need to monitor recovery. This ensures that the whole medical treatment provided here is at the highest level in the health care surgical industry.

Our Team
Many vacation destinations do not have formal medical accreditation boards that certify physicians and medical facilities. Bolivia has a long medical academic tradition having very strict laws that regulate training and qualifications of physicians who perform cosmetic surgery.

Furthermore, to ensure you wonderful results and a total safety during your surgery, Makeover Travel requires that each one of our medical team be made up of at the least:

  • 2 board certified plastic surgeons
  • 1 anesthetist
  • 2 Nurses
  • 3 instrumentists

As a general rule, each surgeon works with the same medical team since more than 15 years. 

Being a completely independent company, not tied to any one hospital, private clinic or surgeon; allows us to make our decisions freely, based on experience, qualifications, reputation and results achieved.

Our Prices:

"All inclusive cosmetic surgery cost"

  • You will be excited to learn that we not only offers the highest quality cosmetic and plastic surgery results, best quality in medical care, high standards of cosmetic surgery, and the use of modern technologies as well as top-quality materials for procedures, but we offer it at a fraction of the cost for the same procedures in the United States, Canada and Europe.
  • This allows you to use some of your savings to have your surgery and enjoy the beautiful country of Bolivia at the same time.
  • The prices we have negotiated with our clinics and hotels mean that our clients have better prices than own Bolivian people.
  • All prices listed are in all inclusive. You will only have to pay the amount shown in your quotation. There are no hidden costs. So you don't have to worry about anything while you are on holidays.
  • You don't pay anything before arriving in Bolivia.

Makeover Travel offers you the opportunity to travel with friend(s) or a family member(s) without additional cost.

Why Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Bolivia?
In Bolivia the incidence of bad surgeries is extremely low because the laws protecting the patients and the high standards of patient care in Bolivia are much higher than in other countries. Bolivia is considered as the most peaceful, Safe, and hospitable country in Latin America. There is no danger of falling into a tourist trap when traveling anywhere in Bolivia. According to the last indices of security published by the ONU concerning the countries in Latin America, Bolivia is in the first place, being the country with the rate of insecurity the lowest compared with any country in Latin America.

"The difference you will experience with Makeover Travel is our service."

At Makeover Travel, you can expect nothing less than high standard of aesthetic quality combined with a "very high standard of patient care and customer service."

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Makeover Travel, Santa Cruz, Bolivia Profile Details

Your health and happiness are our priority
Our comprehensive aftercare is the best in the business and it’s designed to give you maximum peace of mind.

Many other companies only offer the level of aftercare provided by Makeover Travel as an added extra - meaning the cost to you could be thousands of dollars higher than you're initially quoted.

Makeover Travel's Aftercare Programme and Surgical Guarantee means that you can feel confident that you'll receive the highest possible standards of care both before and after your treatment with no financial surprises.

At Makeover Travel you will find the personalized care, courtesy, professionalism and attention you need to keep you psychologically prepared during the whole process of the surgery and beyond. Here you are not just another patient. You are our patient. We focus and tailor our medical care around you.

Our team of medical professionals has proved to be unmatched in the industry. Our only focus is you, the patient, and we dedicate our resources to this end.
We want you to feel as confident and comfortable as possible in making this life changing decision.

Our personal assistance 24 hours emergency support and follow-up consultations with the surgeons.

Post-care Service
our staff and surgeons will pamper you in every way possible. We are committed to bringing our out-of-town guests high quality medical services so you can have one of the best Beauty Holidays in the industry.

Having more than 1 procedure requires greater attention and service post-surgery to achieve the desired results and recover better. Our trained team on the ground is specifically set up and trained to care for patients who are having more than 1 procedure. Furthermore, this is all included in the package prices, you don't pay 1 cent more for our services!

The Service relax and recover as everything is taken care of have a great holiday, with lots of additional tours, activities and travel options.

Your holiday tailored to your needs.
We coordinate all your holiday!! you pick the treatments and procedures you want, the level of accommodation and the total time away, and then leave it to us to organize everything: Tour, Travel requirements and of course your Surgery and any other Treatments. Our dedicated attention to you at all stages of your travel and surgery ensures you to get the results you expect as well as having a wonderful and relaxing holiday.

We will make the recovery process as painless as possible, and we will be always there to help you.

...Our team will take care of everything, so you can concentrate on relaxing and having a great holiday. We are available at all times for anything you require, and our great relationships with the hospitals ensures you get professional and priority service.

Many clinics at home send you home the same day of your surgical procedure, leaving you exposed to the same stresses and commitments when you are still healing and recuperating not ready.

Furthermore, many surgeons do not offer follow-up examination and advice. This may promote complications and problems, which will not be addressed until too late.

Instead, our policy is to examine and look after you every step of the way, while giving you the time and ability to relax and focus on yourself.
We take care of everything, your every need to help maximize your results.


"We have a long history of proven, successful client!!"
Many patients travel from across the globe to visit us.

As patients these days think globally, they have come to realize that they can accomplish their health and beauty goals while taking a vacation at the same time!
Santa Cruz -Bolivia- is one of most popular destinations for vacationers in South America and Makeover Travel has some of the world's highly qualified doctors, so you can be assured that you will have a relaxing and rewarding experience.
Plastic surgery and cosmetic restorative dentistry are Bolivia's hidden treasures, but not a well-kept secret…

Each year thousands of men and women from North America, Europe and Latin America take advantage of the low-cost, High-Quality care provided by Bolivian’s cosmetic surgeons and dentists, making of Bolivia the 4rd country in Latin America receiving tourists only to perform out aesthetic treatments.

At Makeover Travel, team spirit occupies a high seat and young talent gets the highest marks. Manned by a young and professional staff, our mission statement is "Deliver more than you commit".

Our worldwide known beauty queens are a clear example of the excellence achieved in our field which now you can also take advantage of.

Our clients range from the young to the mature person.
Women, as well as men seek our excellent experience and services, and all are looking for privacy and a holiday to relax to get the maximum results at a much cheaper price than they would pay at home.

We cater for all countries, and all nationalities.
Typically, our market is made up of 20% to 30% of Bolivian person.
Mainly people leaving in others cities of Bolivia who prefer having their surgery in Santa Cruz with the elite of highly qualified surgeons who practice in Bolivia.

On the other hand our market is made about 80% to 70% of foreign persons from  countries where cosmetic surgery is expensive - including USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

If things look different with Makeover Travel, it's because our Group is the premier integrated health company in Bolivia by providing access to the highest quality healthcare at a competitive price for foreign patients.

We are the largest healthcare provider in Bolivia, and one of the most renowned plastic surgery provider in the world.
Makeover Travel is the first and the largest Latin American independent operator focused in Image Transformation.

Personalized Experience: Our care will focus on our patients as individuals. We will provide every patient an experience customized to their medical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs,

For years we have scoured Bolivia to select the best surgeons and private clinics that provide the unique and wonderful formula of world-class quality and international certifications.

We have interviewed just about every surgeon and for years we have observed the cosmetic surgery results to every surgeons and specialists.
We have been to every private clinic in Bolivia. As we found, this formula is very difficult to find: often the best hospitals and surgeons are not advertised, or nor do they have websites, as they don't need it and they are enough busy just through word of mouth.

As we found out through our research, the marketing hype of advertising or websites doesn't mean that hospitals or surgeons are better, and it often the case that this is a smokescreen for disreputable clinics, who are trying to cash in on the plastic surgery boom.

Makeover Travel is currently in the process of setting up a charity in the aim of providing free reconstructive plastic surgery for underprivileged children.

Our final aim for this year is to conclude the construction of an hospital providing free reconstructive surgery and care for children who are badly burnt.
Travelling with Makeover Travel, what you get is peace of mind from knowing that we will be there for you, which is extremely important when undergoing any type of surgery abroad.

Our Clinics and Hospitals
"Committed to Quality Care"

To provide you integrated health services and total security during the surgical and any procedure requiring anaesthesia, all the hospitals, private clinics and medical centers we have selected are the best and at the forefront of medical services.

As an indication of its commitment to offering patients access to the most technologically-advanced and specialized medical practices – in line with world-class 'best practice standards' – our Group has established a number of specialized Clinics and hospitals of Excellence in the fields of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.

We currently provide you 8 hospitals and private clinics with 32 specialized medical units, and 46 complementary health-related facilities.

All our hospitals, private clinics and medical centers are certified and highly recommended by foreign agencies, consulates, international insurance companies, embassies, etc.

All of them have been accredited to international standards of quality.

Our clinics and hospitals must go through rigorous testing of the International Health Department to achieve this standard.
Post-surgery cares, qualified medical staff and all needed equipment are available.

We take patient's safety and comfort seriously and we are never in a rush to discharge patients quickly as if having an in-line production machine.

The longer patients stay with us at the clinic, the lesser complications there are likely to arise. Once patients are taken too early to the hotel, they usually begin overdoing it, moving around too much and generally fail to follow medical instruction strictly. Also being alone causes sadness, loneliness and depression which is no good for recovery purposes.

All our work is carried out under the strictest safety procedures. Naturally we have formal certification of approval from the National Area Health Authority, as well as all necessary licenses, Environmental Health, Fire, Health and Safety approvals.

During years Makeover Travel representatives have travelled throughout Bolivia to track down the best medical centers and surgeons.

We have inspected every hospital, centre and accommodation venue, and known personally to all the key person and are regular in touch with them; so we can confidently say that you will get better quality and service that you would have at home.

The service is excellent - with low wages, the clinics are able to employ more staff which means you are guaranteed attention immediately and therefore you will enjoy a better standard of care than you would get at home.

The clinics and hospitals we have selected  have either Joint Commission Accreditation (JCI) or International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which signifies that they are internationally recognized in the field of healthcare.

Our medical centres are the largest, and the most specialized centres in Bolivia for plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. The Bolivian Conferences on Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, the most important events in plastic surgery and the platform for the latest scientific advances are hosted by most of our centres.

If things look different with Makeover Travel, it's because our Group is the premier integrated health company in Bolivia by providing access to the highest quality healthcare at a competitive price for foreign patients.

We are the largest healthcare provider in Bolivia, and one of the most renowned plastic surgery provider in the world.

Our care will focus on our patients as Individuals. We will provide every patient an experience customized to their medical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

Our clinics and hospitals provide you:

  • Room in total comfort with air-conditioned, telephone, and cable TV.
  • Fully equipped operation rooms, pre-anesthesia and post-anesthesia
    recovery units, with all the services.
  • Intensive therapy units.
  • All kinds of laboratories.
  • The latest technology in image diagnosis.
  • Theatre for septic surgery in casualty area.
  • Modern Anaesthesia machines & monitoring devices.
  • Dedicated Anesthesiologist team.
  • All of the necessary equipment and apparatus to assure the ventilation, asepsis, antisepsis and sterilization of all of the areas, equipment and instruments used in the clinic.
  • A complete medical team to assist the plastic surgeons with solid international medical training, supported by highly-qualified and well-trained nursing personnel, and permanent staff willing to offer warm, efficient attention to the patient.
  • All the requirements demanded by the law for their operation; and highest technological equipment such as diagnosis and bioresonance, echography, pantomography for full face x-rays and a full range of state of the art lasers. The independent status of our hospitals means that revenues and profit are ploughed back into new equipment and technology.
  • An ideal  environment for effective healthcare.
  • All our hospitals are equipped with special areas for cosmetic and plastic surgeries. We never mix healthy patients and patients with infectious diseases. Control of cross-infection is essential in every medical or dental setting but the problems of cross-infection are even more serious in a standard hospital setting. Surgical wound infection is an important class of hospital acquired (cross) infections.
  • Therefore in a safe setting, healthy cosmetic surgery patients should not be treated in the same operation theatre, cared for by the same health care workers and recover on the same wards as patients with infectious diseases.
  • Our cosmetic surgery patients are always treated in specials operation theatres with different health care workers and recover on different wards as patients with infectious diseases.
  • Consulting rooms for doctors in private practice and a one-stop service for patients.
  • Clean, calm and quiet ambience.
  • Spacious corridors and bathrooms - wheel chair compatible.
  • Food - Hygienic, high quality - Bolivian and Continental.
  • Our hotels and clinics are concentrated within a compact area of the city.

At Makeover Travel we consider that the practice of Cosmetic Surgery should not be different to any other Surgical or Medical practice. Plastic Surgery operations should depend on the same safety measures, professionalism, equipment and guarantees offered in any other specialty. To this end we provide the best resources for each treatment we perform, always guided by the criterion of medical excellence.

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Makeover Travel Treatments Offered

 “Now is time to treat Yourself and make real what you have only dreamed about for so long!!”

At Makeover Travel you can achieve your dreams through affordable, quality plastic surgery packages, with the follow-up care and service to ensure complete recovery and a luxury holiday to rest and rejuvenate.

All Inclusive Cosmetic Surgery Packages...NO HIDDEN COSTS!
So you can enjoy an incredible experience with a perfect post-surgical care period and convalescence, Our Prices are ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGES that include:

  • Stay in Clinic (without limit of time)
  • From 10 to 15 days of free accommodation in a 5***** Hotel located in the best areas of Santa Cruz ... just 8 mins from the clinics.
  • Complete Haematology Tests Analysis Prior to surgery, a full set of pre-operative blood tests,  Complete haematology tests (Hemogram, Blood, Sugar, Creatinine, PT & PTT Clotting Factors, Prothombin Time)
  • Anesthetist fees and all operating charges
  • Pre and Post-operative Consultations
  • Clinical Professional Insurance
  • Professional insurance of surgeon
  • Transportation all medical transfers and Transportation from airport, clinic and hotel
  • Personal Bilingual Assistant / Personal Assistance Service
  • Dedicated on site check ups by your nurse throughout your stay
  • Personal image counselling











Additional Information



Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)





Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)












Upper eyelids





Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Lower eyelids





Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Upper + lower eyelids





Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel















Brow Lift (upper third)







Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Neck Lift





Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Complete Face Lift (Brow Lift & Neck Lift)







Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Cheek Implant surgery





Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Chin Implant surgery





Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel















Breast Reduction







Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Breast Augmentation (implants included)







Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Breast lift (without implants)







Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Breast lift& breast implants included









Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Breast reduction (for Men)-Gynecomasty







Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel















Liposuction 1 area





Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Liposuction 2 areas





Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Liposuction 3 areas







Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Complete liposuction 4 areas (abdomen, waist, flanks, thighs)









Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel















Augmentation with implants







Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Augmentation Micro Fat Grafting Technique + 1 area liposuction









Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Tummy Tuck









Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel















Vaginal Labiaplasty









Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel












Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Hymenoplasty (Hymen restoration)









Includes 10 day stay in a 5 Star hotel



Bariatric Surgery









Includes 15 day stay in a 5 Star hotel




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Makeover Travel Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

Educating Yourself about your Procedure is Important, but Educating Yourself about Your Doctor is Paramount.

Our team is run by elite of highly qualified surgeons who practise internationally.
Makeover Travel deals with only the top Bolivian plastic surgeons, all of whom have graduated from the best international universities of Brazil, and/or the USA.

Our surgeons are the most qualified and experienced plastic surgeons in Bolivia.
All are Board Certified and have over 15 years experience in plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery.

All Makeover Travel International surgeons are head directors of their clinic and members of national and international cosmetic surgery associations and colleges.

They have been given the title of "Specialist in Cosmetic Surgery" by the Brazilian and the Bolivian Medical Association.

They are committed surgeons, a fellow of the Bolivian and Brazilian College of Surgeons, and are all membership:

  • In the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery
  • In the Bolivian Society of Plastic Surgery
  • In the Ibero-Latin American Federation of Plastic Surgeons 

Training from one of the most respected surgeons in the best schools in the world!

They have had rigorous and long training that continued beyond obtaining their university degrees.
To obtain the title of Surgeon and practice his specialty in Bolivia, the surgeons were required to take and pass All Required Certification Exams and complete a minimum of two years of medical residency.

The path to becoming an accredited Plastic Surgeon in Bolivia involves many years of training in a multitude of fields:

  • 6 years at University to graduate as a General Doctor.
  • 2 years rotatory residency.
  • 3 years General Surgery postgraduate degree.
  • 3 years Plastic, Reconstructive and Maxillofacial postgraduate

degree involving the following fields:

  • Surgery for burned patients
  • Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Reconstructive Oncologic Surgery
  • Pediatric Plastic Surgery
  • Implantology
  • Microvascular Surgery
  • Body & Face Plastic Surgery.

The entire process takes an average of 14-15 years to become an accredited specialist and be part of the Bolivian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery which is the Bolivian equivalent of the U.S. American Board of Plastic Surgery.

From this time onwards, every plastic surgeon must begin a hard task of participations, exposures in as many national and international courses, fellowships, congresses and seminars in order to widen his career; this would be a continuous work during all his professional life.

Furthermore Bolivian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery demands to their member surgeons to renovate periodically their accreditation with the aim of staying current with the new techniques of their field of specialty.

Our surgeons have studied the world's best techniques permitting them not only to achieve their current level of excellence but also to have an exquisite sense of aesthetics always respecting their patient's likes and needs.

For their professionalism, our surgeons have been in charge for more than 10 years of preparing international top models and miss to compete in the leading international beauty contests.

Remember: quality, results, and the overall experience of plastic surgery begin first and foremost with you, the patient, and it is Makeover Travel’s surgeons goal to help you not only love the results of your surgery, but also enjoy the process.

Our medical team is made up of 14 Health Care Professionals including:

  • 9 plastic surgeons
  • 4 dermatologists and health care professionals specialized in Laser Treatment
  • 4 Dental surgeons with their own team
  • And complete team of specialists in image transformation

In compliance with the code of practice of medical ethics in Bolivia, we are not at liberty to disclose the identity of our surgeons for publicity purposes. However, the name and the CV of the surgeon will be passed on to you after receipt of your medical history form.

Human Resources for each operation:

  • At least two board-certified plastic surgeons
  • The surgeons are attended by two nurses
  • A medical anesthesiologist with an attending nurse.
  • The anesthesiologist stays with the patient throughout the surgery and until the patient is discharged home from the recovery room, because it is important that the patient is monitored closely during the period in the recovery room.
  • Two instrumentalist nurses.
  • A nursing team for post-anesthetic recovery area and hospitalization.

We shall be at our most attentive towards you following the treatment.

The factor that always differentiates Makeover Travel from its competitors is the priority we always give to our patients and their needs, which is why we shall give you most attention after the treatment.
As a factor that makes us different, our postoperative attention is a key to our product.

Each doctor will be custom picked according to his/her specialty.

Our main Health Care Specialists, Dermatologists, specialists in Laser Surgery, Dental Surgery.

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Makeover Travel Testimonials

What a fantastic experience! I began this journey in the fall, quite nervous about the idea and began emailing Monica with question after question--which she patiently answered. When my husband and I arrived in Santa Cruz, Monica and Jeremy, were waiting at the airport for us. We went to a fantastic 5 star hotel  / the Camino Real Hotel 5*****. The night before surgery we were able to meet other patients who either had already had their surgery or were awaiting surgery in the next day or so. My husband was able to stay in the clinic with me for the 2 days I was there and everyone was brilliant. I am thrilled with the results of my surgery and would recommend Makeover Travel to anyone! The personal touch cannot be met anywhere else, I'm sure.  Thank you so much to everyone at Makeover Travel for a fantastic experience!!


Thank so much for the unforgettable experience. I have never been abroad before. I feel very lucky to have chosen Bolivia as a destination for my first trip. The people are so kind. Thanks again!
Maria – USA - NEW YORK



From the moment I arrived I can truly say this became a 5***** experience!! The whole team and the nurses at the hospital are fantastic, nothing is too much trouble for any of them, they really do care about your welfare every step of the way. I truly believe that if I had this done in the UK I would not have received the standard of treatment & aftercare I received with MAKEOVER TRAVEL, not to mention the money I saved!!! I underwent my operation on 29th May, it is now 30 days since I had my op, I am completely healed, I look fabulous, & feel fantastic!! Since I have been home everyone has commented how real my boobs look and cannot believe how well I am. If you have any fears about this company its professionalism or authenticity please don’t you will not be disappointed. I cannot thank you all at MAKEOVER TRAVEL enough for making this a truly unforgettable experience. I would only recommend MAKEOVER TRAVEL to anyone thinking of cosmetic surgery:-).



I went with my friend Rachel (who herself had liposuction, breast augmentation and a tummy tuck!) and had an amazing experience. From the minute we arrived we were treated like princesses!!! We decided that we would make a bit of a holiday out of our stay and booked an extra week at the hotel, this way we got to relax for a few days prior to our surgery and see a bit of Santa CRUZ! We had our surgery on 29/05/07, it was great as we got to share a room at the clinic and they even let me stay an extra night to be with Rachel (with a tummy tuck you need a 2 night stay at the clinic). The surgeons and their assistants were fabulous, as were the nurses. Being in the same sort of profession i had bit more of an idea as to what should be happening and i could not fault a thing!


I had a complete liposuction and breast implants. My new body is amazing, the surgeon is so skilled he was able to place my breast implants under the muscle by placing an incision around my nipple! I also asked about varicous vein removal which they dont do yet but they took me for a consultation with another surgeon about this - nothing was too much trouble!
I was apprehensive at first but i would recommend using this company to anyone!


I attended Makeover Travel early in September for facelift and breastlift surgery. I would strongly recommend their services for professionalism and quality. The surgeons work is of outstanding quality, and they are extremely experienced and talented. My results have far outreached my expectations and I am totally delighted with the results. I was pampered in 5 Star luxury and found Jeremy and the team at MAKEOVER TRAVEL extremely obliging and friendly, paying regular visits and on call 24/7 incase of an emergency. My sister has subsequently booked her surgery with Makeover after seeing my results. If you are in any doubt, you can be assured that this is a first class professional operation, and that all you need to worry about is basking in the sun in luxury surroundings during your convalescence.  Regards, Angela


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Makeover Travel Awards & Recognitions

Plastic Surgery Tourism in Bolivia.

[...] Tourist numbers have increased year on year by around 20% since 2003, with Bolivia proving particularly popular with American visitors.

The number of US tourists is up by more than a quarter (29%) on last year, with an increasing number of North Americans coming for plastic surgery.

Bolivia has two major benefits, other than cost. First and foremost, its cosmetic surgeons are among some of the best in the world.

The majority of the Bolivian plastic surgeons are Double Board Certified by The "Bolivian Society of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery" and "Brazilian Society of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery". Some of them are also member of the The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Bolivian plastic surgeons have good reason to be so skilled: domestic demand for breast implants, liposuction, laser surgery and nip-and-tuck treatments is sky high in this style-obsessed country.

From the middle class to upper class, one in 7 Bolivian women is estimated to have gone under the plastic surgeon's knife!

The second big draw is the country's reputation as an exotic tourist destination.

Makeover Travel is typical of the medical organisation specialized in health tourism that have opened in Santa Cruz de la Sierra -the economic capital of Bolivia- over recent years to cater for the medical tourism boom. Based in a smart three-storey office in the city's exclusive Equipetrol district, the company employs a dozen surgeons to work with its client base of foreign patients.

"We offer tailor-made services from beginning to end," explains the clinic's marketing coordinator, Monica Chavez. "We meet our patients at the airport, book their accommodation, arrange for them to meet the surgeon beforehand and then follow up with them once they return home."

Launched in 2002, MakeoverTravel has expanded on its initial Total Makeover packages with a wide range of different surgical procedures. Abdomen liposuction will set you back $1,000. Nose surgery or breast augmentation are priced at 1500 US$ and 2990 US$ with an All Inclusive package - Surgery and accommodation in a 5five stars hotel.

All the prices include hotel accommodation, airport transfers and travel advice. In addition, patients are assigned an English or French-speaking personal assistant for the length of their stay.The strategy is working. Makeover Travel attracts around 400 patients a year from all over the world. The majority come from the US, where the notion of medical tourism is more familiar than it is in Europe. The company also has a "significant number" of British patients, as well as clients from Spain, France and Canada.

Sonia Rivers, a Miami resident, admits to having been "very surprised" at the prices when she first inquired about nose procedure five months ago.

"If I went to a normal plastic surgeon in Miami it would cost me around $7,000, so I decided to do some research into other options," she says. [...]

Medical tourists should also be advised against planning physical activities after plastic surgery: doctors recommend being out of the sun for at least two months after invasive cosmetic surgery.

Most patients choose to fit in their travelling before their operation and then use the tail end of their holiday to rest and recuperate.

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Santa Cruz, Bolivia Destination Overview

Do you want complete privacy and pampering while you are recovering?

Great results from plastic surgery require complete rest and recovery.
In most situations, this cannot be achieved at home, as you will have many responsibilities and commitments that will interfere with recovery.
Makeover Travel will offer you a completely private setting for you to totally relax, and our accessible and caring services means that you can just relax with the peace-of-mind that everything is taken care of. The chance to be able to do this after your surgery will undoubtedly give better results in the end!!

For your stay in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, we have selected 3 excellent hotels adapted to your budget and your personal needs.


  • All the Rooms and Executive Suites come with Internet access.
  • WIFI unlimited and without additional cost
  • Complimentary use of business centre and Internet.
  • All Rooms have a minibar, LAN, Modem Jack (analogue), hair dryers and air-conditioning.
  • A No Smoking rooms and floors are available.
  • Magnetic card room access and safety deposit box.
  • All our packages and rates for extra nights include Full American breakfast.
  • Swimming pool
  • Conference rooms available prior to reservation.
  • 21" Screen TV with over 80 channels.
  • Fully equipped mini bar and central A/C.
  • According to availability and with prior notice, we can offer an Apart Hotel with rooms that include: a safe, telephone, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, and dryer.
  • Outdoor pool
  • Pub with karaoke
  • Restaurant and room service
  • Business center with 24 hour Internet service
  • Laundry and Dry-cleaning, except on Sundays and Holidays.
  • Room Service from 7:00 until 23:00.
  • Cellular phone rental


Traveling kills prejudice and ignorance and opens your mind a broad view of life, something that would never be possible or achievable were we to remain seated in our own little corner of the world"


Traveling kills prejudice and ignorance and opens your mind a broad view of life, something that would never be possible or achievable were we to remain seated in our own little corner of the world"
Mark Twain.


Discover a Paradise in the Heart of South America and Enjoy an Unforgettable Trip!

On desire We combine holidays.
Certain medical procedures and surgeries like cosmetic, plastic or elective surgery due to their nature and required post surgery care do not permit vacations.

But in case of certain treatments like Hair Transplant, Rhinoplasty, some face surgeries and Dental treatments where hospitalization is not required, Makeover Travel makes an arrangement to combine with beautiful and memorable holidays (discover Bolivia strictly as per medical advice).

Regardless of whether you choose to take a Rejuvenation Holiday before or after your surgical procedure(s) we can arrange the holiday of a lifetime for you – in stunningly beautiful settings where you can enjoy sensational accommodation, cuisine and fine wines.

We arrange for you tourist activities in the main cities of Bolivia and of course in Santa Cruz de la Sierra where our clinics, hospitals and medical centers are located.

Santa Cruz is not only the economic capital of Bolivia, it is also the most modern and developed city in the country. Santa Cruz is considered as one of the principal tropical paradise in South America.

The Department of Santa Cruz, located in eastern Bolivia, abounds with vegetation in its extensive forests and grasslands.

Each one of our programs has been conceived and organized to give you a thoroughly pleasing and enriching experience to discover Bolivia, considered by the travel agencies specialized in trips to Latin America as the most peaceful, safe and hospitable country, in Latin America with friendly people always ready to help you.

Bolivia is a country where hospitality is a way of life.

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