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Best Health Professionals of Panama

Pana-Health is a group of specialists that include the best health professionals of Panama. They have joined together to give you the medical treatment you deserve. Our group is formed by health specialists trained in some of the world's most prestigious universities and hospitals...

The technology as well as the medication used to treat our patients is the same as that used in the United States and Europe. The cost of therapy in Panama compared to the United States and Europe is less expensive, since overall expenses are lower in our country. You no longer have to restrain from getting the best possible medical attention.

On a daily basis we treat a large number of people who, just like you, contact us from all over the world. Many of these patients, pleased with the health treatment and the attention, return with family and friends for other medical needs or to simply enjoy our enchanting beaches and rainforests once again. While in Panama, you and those who accompany you will be taken care of by Pesantez Tours, the largest tourism agency in our country.

We combine the health and vacation aspects together, to offer you great savings in time and money. The health and vacation package could include pre-arrangement for your entire trip, all transfers, personal airport pick-up, hotel accommodation, pre-doctor appointment, quotation for healthcare treatment, optional sightseeing city/country tours and night entertainment attraction bookings. All your really need is an air ticket, no visa is required for American or Canadian citizens.


Panama is rapidly becoming the destination of choice for Americans and Europeans to do tourism. In addition our country has been rated as the best place in the world for a second home outside the USA as many articles have appeared in : Los Angeles Times (Feb, 2005), New York Times (Feb. 2005), Newsweek (March 2005), Conde Nast Traveler (Oct. 2004), The Wall Street Journal (June 2004), International Living Newsletter (Sept. 2004), Modern Maturity Magazine of the American Association of Retired Persons (June 2001), Oregonian Register Guard (June 2004). Its natural beauty and variety of holiday facilities attract millions of visitors each year. Its glorious beaches, tropical climate, delicious cuisine and friendly people are an unforgettable experience for all who visit her welcoming shores. But Panama is much more than just a vacation country. It is a center of international commerce, a hub for the development of the Americas as well as a center of higher education and fast becoming a medical holiday destination.

Our group has been meeting the medical needs of international clients for many years, with English-speaking, International-trained health professionals on staff.

In addition to scheduling your medical treatment, we also arrange your travel and accommodation as well as any car rental, cruises, tours or other vacation services you require. You will fly on a scheduled flight to Panama City, considered the hub of the Americas.

If needed, a personal assistant will accompany you, every step of the way to all your medical appointments at the hospital as we understand that you are far away from home. After your medical procedure, we will then arrange for your transfer to the hotel or resort selected by you for your relaxation & recuperation. Your nurse/assistant and doctor will be available at all times. Before you leave the country, your surgeon or specialist will see you again. He or she will communicate with your local doctor, if required, and confirm that you are ready to fly home.


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