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PlacidWay Newsletter: Top Healthcare Destinations and World-Class Treatment Packages - by: PlacidWay Medical Tourism,Newsletter

This week, we bring you top destinations with world-class healthcare facilities We are also featuring hand picked procedures and treatments from around the world. So just sit back and browse through t...

Older women deserve better breast cancer treatment - by: Peter Russell,

It is estimated that almost 10% of all females in the UK over 65 have been told they have breast cancer and, since the risk of the disease increases with age, this rises to 31% in women aged 70 an...

Cancer was leading cause of death in 2008 - by: Jake Wylor,CTV

Statistics Canada says 2008 was the first year on record that cancer was the leading cause of death in every Canadian province and territory. The statistics agency said Tuesday that cancer caused ...

Medical Tourism for Cancer Treatment? Choosing a Mexican Cancer Clinic - by: Aria Munro ,e News Channels

Every year, thousands of US citizens travel to Mexico for cancer treatment, because clinics there offer non-toxic therapies and the cost is much less expensive, says TMD Unlimited, a medical tourism c...

Stem Cell Doctor - by: NUEVO PROGRESO,News Channel 5

A growing business across the border is bringing hope to some folks who need it, but U.S. doctors say they could be taking their lives into their own hands....

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