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Stem Cell therapy for Bulging and Herniated Discs

Bulging and herniated discs represent the dangerous types of spine injuries that can have serious consequences on human’s health, his physical abilities and his overall quality of life. Even though there is no precise definition for each of these diseases and both are used to describe the almost same situation, there is still a slight difference between the two.

Discs are cushions composed of an outer layer of cartilage that are connecting the vertebrae in human’s spine. A bulging disc affect at least a quarter or the half of the disc’s entire perimeter. On the other hand, a herniated disc (also called ruptured discs or slipped discs) occurs when there is a crack in the outer layer of cartilage. Since the herniated disc irritate nerve roots more, it causes more pain than the bulging disc. 

Types of Stem Cell Treatments for Bulging and Herniated Discs

Stem cell therapy for bulging and herniated discs is an alternative, non-surgical medical procedure that eliminates the disease. Practiced since 1990s, this method has been proving to be extremely effective and is quickly increasing in popularity among patients of all ages.

Stem cells provide a regenerating ability and this type of therapy procedure utilize the patient’s own natural growth factors or stem cells to treat bulging or herniated discs. Stem cell therapy includes the usage of mesenchymal precursors cells , or MPCs, an adult stem cells harvested from bone narrow and adipose tissue that are safely and effectively transferred directly into the site of the injury. After being harvested, stem cells are expanded and amplified so they can generate rapidly available doses for use in patients without the need for tissue matching.

These stem cells target the damaged tissue and induce healing by producing new cells in lumbar discs which are able to bring new and healthy tissue to a degenerating disc.

Causes of Bulging and Herniated Discs

Our spine is very important to our body for many reasons. The spine enables us the movement, support, protection, coordination and control of our body. However, as we age, spine can become weaker and weaker and therefore more exposed to different injuries. That is why having a healthy life and exercising is vital for the health of human’s spine and, in general, his overall health

Causes of bulging and herniated discs are: 

  • Aging – as already mentioned, aging makes spine less flexible and more prone to tearing or rupturing because spinal discs lose their water content.
  • Fail or a blow to the back
  • Weight – The spine is more vulnerable because the excess body weight causes more stress on the discs of lower body.
  • Occupation – Spine can also become vulnerable because of physically demanding jobs. Also, repetitive lifting, pulling, pushing, bending sideways and twisting can cause injuries.
  • Genetics – Inheriting a predisposition to develop a herniated disc is also very dangerous.
  • Wear and tear on the spine - This is the degeneration caused by human's back becoming "worn out" over the courise of time.

Symptoms of Bulging and Herniated Discs

The most common signs and symptoms of bulging or herniated discs are :

  • Arm or leg pain – This symptom involves the feeling of intense pain in buttocks, thigh, calf or foot. Also, if the herniated disc is in the neck, a person feels the pain in the shoulder or an arm.
  • Numbness or tingling – This symptom means often experiencing numbness or tingling in the part where the nerves are affected.
  • Weakness – Stumbling or inability to lift or hold items also shows that nerves tend to weaken.

Sometimes, bulging or herniated disc can show up to people who experienced no symptoms of a disc problem.

Benefits of Stem Cell Treatments for Bulging and Herniated discs

The biggest benefit of the stem cell treatments is that this type of treatment is safe and fast. Surgeries can be very risky because the spine is very sensitive part of the human body. After the stem cell treatment, a patient starts to feel the benefits two to three months after the procedure is done, or, in many cases, much sooner than that. Treating degenerative disc disease with the patient’s own stem cells takes advantage of the body’s ability to heal itself naturally.

Cost of Stem Cell Treatments for Bulging and Herniated Discs

The cost of stem cell treatments for bulging and herniated discs is different in different areas of the world. For example, the cost in the USA for spinal surgeries, that carry more risks than stem cell treatments, is $100.000.  Travelling abroad for stem cell therapy procedures costs much less. In India, the cost of the treatment starts from $9,000, while the price in Ukraine is $10,000.  Mexico offers stem cells treatments for $12,000 and China for $19,500. 

Finding the Best Clinic

Spine is, as already mentioned, incredibly important to us because the healthy spine allows us to do daily jobs, sports and live the high quality life. However, if an injury to a spine happens, it is crucial to wisely and in details consider the doctor and clinic we are going to visit. 

Doctors for spine interventions are orthopedics or neurosurgeons. The patient needs to understand the level of his condition and analyze the best type of treatment he needs. He needs to select the well-educated doctor with huge experience in this medical field and, in order to have the safe and efficient treatment, patient also needs to review the clinic’s and doctor’s reputation together with the equipment and methods used. 

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