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Stem Cell Therapy for Osteonecrosis Abroad

Stem Cell Therapy for Osteonecrosis Abroad

Avascular necrosis also known as Osteonecrosis, Aseptic Necrosis, or Ischemic Bone Necrosis, is a condition that takes place when there is loss of blood to the bone. An interruption to the blood supply causes bone to die and if not stopped, this process eventually causes the bone to collapse.

Causes of Osteonecrosis

  • Dislocation or fracture of the thigh bone (femur)
  • Chronic corticosteroid use
  • Excessive alcohol use
  • Blood clots, inflammation, and damage to the arteries. 
  • Gaucher's disease -an inherited metabolic disorder in which harmful quantities of a fatty substance accumulate in the organs
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Pancreatitis
  • HIV infection
  • Radiation therapy or chemotherapy
  • Autoimmune diseases

Symptoms of Osteonecrosis

In its early stages, AVN typically cause no symptoms; however, as the disease progresses it becomes painful. At first, the patient may experience pain when pressure is put on the affected bone. Then, pain may become more constant. If the disease progresses and the bone and surrounding joint collapse, the patient may experience severe pain that interferes with your ability to use the joint. The time between the first symptoms and collapse of the bone may range from several months to more than a year.

Stem Cell Therapy for Osteonecrosis

Stem Cell Therapy for Osteonecrosis

Recent medical innovations have created more effective orthopedic options for treating Osteonecrosis, which result in decreased pain, require a shorter recuperation period, and are less expensive. Cell tissue from the patient’s body is at the center of new treatment for Osteonecrosis.

Doctors can combine the implantation of the patient’s cell tissue with other innovative treatment options to provide a uniquely effective and safe method of treatment. These cells can be obtained via an in-office procedure using local anesthetic by a board certified orthopedic surgeon. Repair cells injected into the body, along with platelet rich plasma, stimulate repair and regrowth of bone tissue. Additional proprietary supplements also provide key nutrients to support recovery. This treatment leads to significant pain relief and halts the progression of disease.


Many facilities worldwide offer stem cell therapy, but it's important to locate accredited and experienced physicians who deal with stem cell treatments. Doctors specializing in Osteonecrosis disease should be trained, certified and accredited through country of origin or international accreditation and certification boards and should also belong to organizations or associations of their specialty.

Check references and resources to determine whether physicians or specialists are trained, experienced and accredited with stem cell therapy treatments with his or her country of origin and that facilities provide state-of the art technology and equipment and have a well maintained, trained and educated staff.


The cost of the Stem Cell Therapy for Osteonecrosis depends on the type of treatment your doctor decides you need. Individuals traveling to foreign destinations such as Mexico, Latin America, and Asia may enjoy between 30% and 50% savings on costs compared to the US and Canada on the same type of procedure, which include all inclusive hospital /hotel stay, care, and medical support.

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