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Stem Cell Treatment for Hand and Wrist Abroad

Stem cell is one of the most advanced procedures for treating hand and wrist arthritis and injuries. This procedure involves injections to the patients who are suffering from injuries in hand or wrist and who are about to face a surgery for the same. This is generally a single-day procedure that does not involve any surgery and allows the patients to return to the normal activities more quickly. The best part is that there is not a lengthy rehabilitation period that generally follows a surgical procedure. The patient can restore range of motion, mobility and strength much faster without such a long rehabilitation period.

With the advancements of modern medical techniques, the experts can extract stem cells from bone marrow. After extracting, they can concentrate the stem cells through a process of the laboratory before re-injecting them to the targeted injured tissues in the targeted areas of hand and/or wrist with the guidance of high-end imaging technology. Once the stem cells are re-injected, they increase the natural repairing process of injured and degenerated arthritic joints, ligaments and tendons. This helps the patients to get relief from pain in hand or wrist very quickly.

Stem Cell Treatment can be applied on what Types of Hand and Wrist Injuries?

Some of the commonly treated conditions of hand and wrist injuries using stem cells are:

•    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

•    TFCC tear

•    Trigger finger

•    Instability

•    Hand arthritis

What are the Common Causes of Hand and Wrist Injuries?

Sudden injuries that cause fractures and sprains often cause hand and wrist injuries. However, such pain can generate from long-term problems as well. For instance, long-term health stress factors such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and repetitive stress can also lead to hand and wrist pain. Therefore, some of the common causes that lead to hand and wrist injuries are:

Repetitive stress- If the wrist involves repetitive motion without any break for hours, it can cause stress and generate pain. For example, you are driving for hours or playing tennis and hitting the ball constantly. Such repetitive activities can inflame the tissues that cover the joints, which may even cause a fracture.

Sudden impacts- If there is an impact on your hand or wrist suddenly causing fractures, strains or sprains, it can lead to hand or wrist injury. Suppose you accidentally fall on to your hand that was outstretched. If you experience pain after any such sudden impact, get X-rays done immediately to see the exact condition of the impacted area followed by the right treatment.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome-When the median nerve experience increased pressure while passing through the carpal tunnel, it causes pain. This condition is called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Rheumatoid Arthritis-This condition of arthritis generally affects the wrists. As this is a disorder where the immune system of the body attacks its own tissues, there are chances of another wrist getting affected as well.

Osteoarthritis- This condition generally happens with aging when the cartilage cushioning the bone-ends weakens over time. It is not very common that people get osteoarthritis in the wrist, but if someone has a wrist injury before, the condition may occur.

After learning about the causes, you must be careful about the risk factors that can lead to hand and wrist injury. If you are experiencing repetitive stress, it is better not to participate in some sports tennis, golf, bowling, snowboarding, gold, etc. You should be careful about other repetitive works such as driving for long hours, cutting hair, knitting, etc.

What are the Symptoms of Hand and Wrist Injuries?

The level of pain varies depending on the reasons. If the pain is due to osteoarthritis, then it may feel just like having a dull toothache. If the pain is due to carpal tunnel syndrome, it will feel like a tingling sensation as someone is pinching with needles or pins. Mainly what factors are affecting the symptoms can be identified easily by tracing the precise location of the pain.

Stem Cell Treatment for Hand and Wrist Injury

For repairing degenerated and injured tissues, the human body keeps supplying the stem cells every time. The experts know how to extract these stem cells for treating various health conditions, which also include hand and wrist injuries. As mentioned above, stem cells are generated from bone marrow and preserved and centrifuged to purify the stem cells. Also, concentrated platelets are gathered and injected into the injured area for releasing the growth factors that turn on the stem cells, which are to be injected afterward. The experts conduct this procedure using the customized specimen of stem cell for the particular hand and wrist injury. After three to five days, the platelets are injected again to activate the stem cells, which work towards faster healing.

Stem Cell for Hand and Wrist- The Benefits

After receiving the treatment, the patients can quickly get back to their normal activities. This is quite unlikely if the patient chooses a surgical procedure. As the process involves using own stem cells for rebuilding and repairing injured body tissues, it is safe. Also, the affected tissues start to heal fast and transform into healthy tissue with pain and inflammation getting relieved. Thus, the patients can get back to their normal daily activities using hand and wrist.

What is the Cost of Stem Cell for Hand and Wrist?

The average cost ofstem cell for hand and wrist may differ depending upon the location you select. The average cost of stem cell therapy for joints that also include hand and wrist in Mexico is $4350. The same procedure in Czech Republic can cost approximately $4700. The average cost of joint stem cell in China and Ukraine are $13000 and $10000 respectively, while the price raises more than $21000 in Germany.

How the find the best clinic?

To receive the best stem cell treatment for hand and wrist, you should consult a good orthopedic hand doctor. You have to search for the clinics and doctors who are expert in the process of stem cells and blood platelets and preserving them properly to prepare the effective injections. Stem cell treatment is the future of hand and wrist injury treatments, as it provides many benefits over the traditional surgical procedure.

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