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Stem Cell Therapy for Torn and Painful Discs

Stem Cell Therapy for Torn and Painful Discs


A torn disc also referred to as ruptured, herniated or slipped disc, occurs as the disc’s outer layer experiences tear or weakness. The outer layer of the spinal discs cushions the vertebral column. This leads to the leaking of the inner layer into the spinal canal. The displaced disc tissue pressurizes the nerves, compresses them and causes complications like pain and discomfort. Torn discs are very commonly seen in people and can be easily treated. It requires an accurate diagnosis to begin the treatment on time and not let any secondary complications to arise or worsen the nerve damage.

Types of Torn Discs

There are three major types of torn disc:

  • Cervical herniated discs (C1-C7) – When the wear and tear is between any of the vertebrae numbered 1 – 7 in the neck
  • Thoracic herniated discs (T1-T12) - When the wear and tear is between any of the vertebrae numbered 1 – 12 in the middle back
  • Lumbar herniated discs (L1-L5) - When the wear and tear is between any of the vertebrae numbered 1 – 5 in the lower back

Causes of A Torn Disc

There can be multiple reasons for torn discs. The most common of them are:

Sports injury: Torn disc can occur in sportspersons while performing even simplest of the motions like running or swimming. There are chances of spinal discs in golf players as they stretch out during shots. The condition may be extreme in sports like rugby or football and players can experience the worst strain on the spine.

Vehicle accident: Traumatic vehicle accidents can cause tor discs in people as sudden shakes and stretches have vigorous impacts on the spine. Stretches beyond capacity also can create pressure and cause torn discs in a person.

Degeneration of Spine Due to Age: The spinal discs tend to become more brittle and lose water as we age. Thus, it becomes more prone to cracking and splitting.

Symptoms of A Torn Disc

  • Weakness
  • Numbness
  • Muscle cramping or spasms
  • Pain in the neck or back
  • Tingling sensation

These symptoms are usually experienced in the location of the torn disc. Say, for example, torn disc in the lumbar (lower) spine in between the L1 to L5 vertebrae results in symptoms in the lower back, hip, legs, and feet.

Stem Cell for Torn and Painful Discs

Stem Cell Therapy is an innovative treatment for discogenic (disc-causing) pain. Lower back pain is a common syndrome in people for various reasons. Several pieces of research have revealed the fact that back pain has been one of the major concerns of modern medical complications and has greater impacts on the workforce. The intervertebral disc generates pain due to wear and tear caused to it on varied occasions. The fibrous cushion between each vertebra generates extreme pain as the outer layer gets worn out due to erosions caused by many reasons. 

Stem cells provide a regenerating ability and this type of therapy procedure utilize the patient’s own natural growth factors or stem cells to treat torn or herniated discs. Stem cell therapy includes the usage of mesenchymal precursors cells or MPCs, adult stem cells harvested from bone marrow and adipose tissue that are safely and effectively transferred directly into the site of the injury. After being harvested, stem cells are expanded and amplified so they can generate rapidly available doses for use in patients without the need for tissue matching.

The stem cells target the damaged tissue and initiate healing as it produces new cells in lumbar discs. These cells bring new and healthy tissue to a degenerating disc.

Stem Cell Injections for Discogenic PainThe mesenchymal stem cells differentiate into other types of cells once they are injected. This helps in repairing the disc structures. The multiple growth factors and chemicals present in the stem cells encourage the repair of disc tissue. Once the disc cracks, layers, and tears are repaired, the disc pain automatically gets reduced.

Clinical studies have proven the fact that disc integrity is improved after stem cell injection therapy. The bidirectional synergy increases the disc tissue regeneration. Stem cells produce new nuclear matrix components to improve disc function. This also accelerates the disc height restoration and MRI improvement rate.

Stem Cells Obtained for Injection: The stem cells obtained from the iliac crest bone marrow, derived from the hip bone are injected into this procedure. The injection procedure is executed under light sedation to make the patient comfortable with the procedure. The skin is clinically cleaned before the procedure. The tissues are numbed by the application of anesthesia and the procedure needle is next inserted into the bone using fluoroscopy or real-time x-ray. The objective is to withdraw bone marrow from the bone and process in the laboratory to derive purified and concentrated stem cells.

Benefits of Stem Cell for Torn and Painful Discs

The first and foremost benefit of stem cell therapy for the torn disc is that it is a noninvasive procedure. Hence, the procedure is simple and offers very minimal recovery time. The recovery is very quick after the injection is applied and the patient experience is a dramatic decrease in the extreme pain that he might is suffering from. The patient also enjoys the anti-inflammatory benefit of stem cells therapy.

Cost of Stem Cell for Torn and Painful Discs

The cost of stem cell treatments for torn and painful discs is different in different areas of the world. Travelling abroad for stem cell therapy procedures costs much less. Average Stem Cell Therapy for a Herniated Disc cost $33826 in Europe and, South America. In Asian clinics, you can avail the treatment at around $20,000 on an average. Contact us to know about the cost of stem cell for torn and painful discs at your preferred medical tourism destinations.

How the Find the Best Clinic for Stem Cell Therapy for Torn and Painful Discs?

Board-certified Orthopedic surgeons specialized in the treatment of Torn and Painful Discs with Stem Cell Therapy perform this procedure. Look for certified and affordable clinics that offer effective resolutions to your back-pain troubles through Stem Cell Therapy.


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