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Stem Cell for Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis Treatment Abroad

Stem Cell for Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis

Carpometacarpal (CMC) joint arthritis is arthritis that occurs at the base of the thumb. The exact position is at the intersection point of the thumb and wrist. The Carpal (wrist) bone and a Metacarpal or long bone of the thumb makes up the base joint of the thumb. The (CMC) joint is considered to be the most commonplace in the hand for arthritis.

Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis or Arthritis of the Hand Joints can happen to a person at an early age. The wear and tear are usually more in such arthritis as there are a continuous swing and pivoting motions of the basal joint. Joint reconstruction surgeries are done to improve this condition but it brings a lot of side effect along with it. Numbness, tenderness, or reduced range of motion of the wrist is the major consequences of joint reconstruction surgery.

Each one of us has stem cells in us that can be well used for healing of bone muscles and tendons. As the body grows older or gets injured, we need more cells to be developed in that particular area to improve faster. Stem cells heal the body naturally and cure arthritic conditions and injuries related to the hand, wrist, and thumb. Thus, the painful rehabilitation periods are reduced and joint restoration and mobility are faster through the invasive surgery.

Types of Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis

Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis is basically of two types.

  1. Joint Arthritis due to gradually wear and tear
  2. Joint Arthritis due to any injury

Causes of Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis

The CMC joint usually begins to break down due to arthritis. Women after the age of 40 mostly experience such syndrome. The wear and Tear at the joint turn the smooth cartilage in to rough. The easy gliding of the bones is restricted. The movement of the thumb is also difficult due to such wear and tear. The protective cartilage padding at the ends of the bones also experiences corrosion, and the joint movements are deteriorated. It causes immense pain to the person as the bone rubs on another bone. It causes pain, swelling and limited motion of the wrist joint. The patient often experiences grinding or popping sensation in his wrist due to such limited motion.

Symptoms of Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis

The primary symptoms of arthritis at the base of the thumb and wrist are:

  • Pain
  • Stiffness, and
  • Swelling

The symptoms appear more as the person wakes up in the morning. The pain increases gradually and gets worsened as he tries to move the joint. The pain can be extreme as the person tries some gripping and pinching activities. It can be turning a doorknob, holding an object, doing buttons or even tying shoes. Some people also experience pain while they are at rest. The CMC joint becomes weaker and movement may be restricted as it begins to break down. A “bump” can even appear at the outside base of the thumb as the bones shifts due to arthritis.

Stem Cell for Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis

The human body keeps supplying the stem cells every time to repair degenerated and injured tissues. The experts know how to extract these stem cells for treating various health conditions, which also Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis. As mentioned above, stem cells are generated from bone marrow and preserved and centrifuged to purify the stem cells. Also, concentrated platelets are gathered and injected into the injured area for releasing the growth factors that turn on the stem cells, which are to be injected afterward. The experts conduct this procedure using the customized specimen of stem cell for the particular thumb and wrist pain. After three to five days, the platelets are injected again to activate the stem cells, which work towards faster healing.

Benefits of Stem Cell for Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis

After receiving the Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis treatment through stem cells, the patients can quickly get back to their normal activities. This is quite unlikely if the patient chooses a surgical procedure. As the process involves using own stem cells for rebuilding and repairing injured body tissues, it is safe. Also, the affected tissues start to heal fast and transform into healthy tissue with pain and inflammation getting relieved. Thus, the patients can get back to their normal daily activities using hand and wrist. The main benefits of stem cell therapy for Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis are as follows:

  • Quick and natural healing
  • Complete cure of the pain
  • Noninvasive procedure
  • Short healing time
  • Safe and effective method

Cost of Stem Cell for Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis

The average cost of stem cell Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis may differ depending upon the location you select. Average Stem Cell Therapy for Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis cost $15585 in Europe. The prices can go as high as $34000 depending on the severity and the condition of arthritis. Average Stem Cell Therapy for Thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis Joints costs around $14000 in Asian countries.  Please contact us to know the prices for the treatment at your preferred location.

How the Find the Best Clinic for Stem Cell Therapy for thumb CMC/Basal Joint Arthritis

Board-certified Orthopedic surgeons specialized in the treatment of thumb CMC/basal joint arthritis with stem cell therapy perform this procedure. Look for certified and affordable clinics that offer effective resolutions to your wrist and hand pain issues through stem cell therapy.

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