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Lip Implant Treatment Abroad

Lip Implant Treatment Abroad


For women who would like more enhanced lips, lip augmentation is an ideal treatment to create a fuller appearance, as well as reduce fine lines or wrinkles around the mouth. Lip implants usually come in either collagen or fat transferred from another part of the body. Each of these implant forms are eventually absorbed into the body, so repeat procedures are needed to maintain the look of full lips. Longer lasting options are new to the market, and include implantable materials such as SoftForm and AlloDerm. 

Common treatments for Lip Implants

A quick and easy solution to thin lips, a lip implant procedure lasts only a few minutes in the office of a doctor or cosmetic surgeon. Patients undergo a local anesthetic prior to their treatment to make the procedure more comfortable. The doctor will either use a natural, biocompatible material like collagen or fat from the patient's own body to be implanted into the lip area. Only one injection is needed to enhance the appearance of the lips, and the doctor will massage the area to distribute the injection in order to create a  smooth and uniform look. Since the injections only last about 6 months, patients should understand that they may be required to go in for treatments periodically to keep up the appearance of full, plump lips. 

Longer lasting solutions like AlloDerm are comprised of collagen sheets created out of donated skin. The AlloDerm is injected into tiny incisions located at the corners of the mouth. It is important for the doctor to inject the materials into the proper place on the lips for a natural look. Like natural fat or collagen, AlloDerm becomes integrated with the natural lip tissues but stays in place longer than traditional materials. Other synthetic lip implant options are SoftForm, Gore-Tex and soft ePTFE. Some other common lip implant solutions include:

  • Restylane: Clear gel similar to natural fat from the body
  • HylaForm: Clear injectable gel similar to body fat
  • Autologen: Implantable material made from the patient's skin
  • Dermalogen: Implantable donor tissue

Laser lip rejuvenation also tightens tissues beneath the lip, creating a more youthful and smooth appearance. Since the lip procedure is usually a non-surgical one, patients are able to return to normal, daily activities within the same day of their treatment. 

Benefits of Lip Implants

Many women like the appearance of fuller lips, which may restore a youthful appearance to lips thinned by age. Temporary solutions like fat injection or collagen are ideal for patients who would like to see results immediately, but are not required to commit to an altered appearance like many other surgical procedures. Collagen usually lasts 9-12 weeks, while the fat injections last a bit longer than that.  

Cost for Lip Implants

In the United States, prices for local anesthesia, lab work, injections and post operative care range about $700-$5,000 for each session depending on the material used for injection. In Thailand, the same procedures average $500-$800 and in Mexico costs average about $500.  

Choosing a Doctor for Lip Augmentation or Lip Implant

When choosing a cosmetic surgeon for lip implants, be sure to find one that can prove training, experience, expertise, and certification. The doctor of your choice should have a large portfolio of clients with before and after pictures available for study. Facilities must be clean and state-of-the-art. Verify the viability of products used during the lip implant process. Take the time to research options and surgeons, choosing the one that best serves your specific needs and requirements.

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