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Buttock Lift Treatment Abroad

Buttock Lift Surgery Abroad

Individuals unhappy with their appearance focus on certain aspects of their bodies, whether it be their face, their tummy, or their buttocks. Many individuals feel that their derrière is lacking in appearance and choose to undergo a buttock lift to remove excess skin or fat in the buttocks or upper thigh area. Because of advanced and improved techniques, more people than ever before are undergoing plastic and cosmetic surgeries, utilizing techniques that enhance appearance through minimally invasive surgical procedures.

What Is a Buttock Lift?

A buttock lift  is performed under general anesthesia, in most cases in an outpatient setting. Every individual's needs are different, and a cosmetic or plastic surgeon will explain what type of approach as well as results may be achieved for those individuals. A buttock lift, also commonly known as a circumferential lower body lift, utilizes a long incision that starts at the crease at the buttock , the flank, and even across the lower back. In many cases where an individual is undergoing a buttocks lift, other procedures such as liposuction or liposculpture are often combined and utilized for optimal results.

Buttock lifts often create visible scars in the fold of the buttock or across the surface of the buttock, which is why many individuals prefer the liposuction procedure. However, because excess skin is often left over after liposuction procedures, a buttock lift is successful in achieving a reduction or appearance of saggy or drooping skin.

A buttock lift may take between 3 to 6 hours from start to finish, but again, individuals cases vary. Incisions are made in the buttock or upper hip area to utilize the removal of excess skin or fat. Afterward, the skin is stretched and sutured into place. In most cases, a buttock lift is performed with incisions along the "bathing suit" line. The surgeon will lift and remove excess skin and when necessary, layers of fat. In some cases, a drain tube may be necessary to help facilitate removal of excess fluids.

A full buttock lift involves incisions made high on the hips and in front of the groin in a procedure known as a full circle or full buttocks lift. Excess skin is removed and then pulled and tightened around the waist area.

Buttock Lift Surgery

Who Benefits from a Buttock Lift?

Anyone unhappy with his or her appearance may benefit from plastic and cosmetic surgical procedures. Liposuction, nose surgery or rhinoplasty, reconstructive breast surgery, tummy tuck surgery, hair restoration and transplantation as well as facelifts, eyelid surgery, breast lift, breast reduction and breast augmentation procedures are extremely popular. These days, buttock lifts are one of the most researched types of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Anyone who has lost the elasticity of the skin in their thighs, hips or buttocks or who have lost massive amounts of weight and are stuck with excess skin can benefit from a buttocks lift. Procedure results often offer an improved contour or shape, a decreased amount of bumps, bubbles or dips in the surface of the skin around the buttock area in upper thigh and hip, as well as a tighter more "lifted" buttock appearance.

How Much Does a Buttocks Lift Cost?

In the United States, a buttock lift will cost an individual around $4,000. Of course, the cost of the surgical procedure will depend on the technique, approach, as well as desired results of the individual undergoing surgery. Additional costs such as medications, anesthesia, and use of an operating facility may top $6,000. In the United States, elective cosmetic surgery procedures are not covered under most health care policies. Medical travelers may save thousands of dollars on the procedure in foreign destinations. For example, a buttock lift performed in Poland costs an average of $2,975 while in Brazil the procedure costs about $1,800. Travelers to India pay around $3,290.

Who Performs Buttock Lift Procedures?

Buttock lift surgery should be completed by an experienced surgeon in all methods and techniques in cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures. Plastic and cosmetic surgeons should be members of either the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or plastic and cosmetic surgical associations in their country of origin. In addition, consumers should be proactive in ensuring that any chosen plastic or cosmetic surgeon has been trained and certified in such procedures and that he or she offers full transparency regarding before and after photographs, presentation of certification and membership in cosmetic and plastic surgery organizations.

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