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Being diagnosed with Cancer is always devastating news to anyone; and a feeling of frustration takes place when we're looking for the right Cancer Specialist and Treatment for us.

Especially for women, breast cancer is one of the most terrible diagnosis, as breasts are not only part of their body but also part of their femininity, and detection of this type of cancer has a strong psychological impact in women.

Recent developments and medical advances that combat breast cancer offer today's women more choices, less discomfort and improved prognosis. Today, thanks to the continuous education about Cancer, an earlier detection is possible and more women than ever before are able to survive breast cancer.

Research and information about Breast Cancer and other type of Cancer is constantly helping to increase life’s quality, and the chances for remission and elimination of cancer for people around the world is more and more possible every day.

Common Breast Cancer Treatments

The most popular, and effective, breast cancer treatments and therapies used today utilize, individually or in combination:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Surgical procedures

Usually, women treated for breast cancer may also utilize the benefits of holistic and complementary medical techniques that involve acupuncture, meditation, and yoga to help alleviate and eradicate side effects caused by treatments, maintain positive attitudes, and help ensure overall improvement in quality of health and life issues.

Hormonal Therapy

The most common types of hormonal therapy used today include three therapies:

  • Avastin - a very effective medication that blocks the growth and development of new blood vessels upon which cancer cells depend on to grow and thrive.
  • Tykerb - this medicine prevents the uncontrolled cell growth by blocking certain proteins in the human body.
  • Herceptin - a very common drug that blocks the ability of cancer cells in many breast cancers to receive chemical signals that instruct them to grow.

Hormonal Cancer Therapy focuses on specific cancer cell characteristics, proteins, that encourage or enable cancer cells to proliferate. Such therapies cause less damage to overall cellular structures than chemotherapy and enhance production of antibodies produced by the immune system. (Hormonal cancer therapies are not the same as hormone replacement therapy often prescribed for women during menopause).

Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the most known Cancer Treatment. This is a method to treat cancer that involves systemic blood flow, which means that drugs and medications flow through and affect the entire body via the bloodstream. Chemotherapy treatments are designed to kill cancer cells that have spread from a point of origin to other locations in the body.

Chemotherapy is designed to interfere with rapid cell division; the problem with this therapy is that it also affects healthy cells within the body. However, chemotherapy has improved in recent years and is no longer the same as the chemotherapy that your mother or grandmother may have had to endure. Today, vital organs such as the liver and kidneys are rarely affected by chemotherapy treatments, and the development of drugs and medications have also been used to help reduce side effects of chemotherapy including nausea, weight loss, and compromised immune systems.

Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

Radiation Therapy, also known as radiotherapy, is an extremely effective and efficient method of destroying cancer cells in the breast that may remain after surgical procedures. These days, radiation therapy does not carry extreme side effects, and those that do exhibit such effects are limited to treated areas that are also relatively easy for patients to tolerate.

Two types of radiation are utilized: External and Internal Radiation.

Breast Cancer Surgery

There is a variety of surgeries for breast cancer, the most common are: lumpectomy, total or radical mastectomy, and lymph node dissection. The potential surgical possibilities will depend of the breast cancer severity; your doctor will inform you about them depending of your case. Breast Cancer Surgeries are usually followed by Reconstuctive Surgery to restore the breast's appearance after surgery.

Breast Cancer Treatments Benefits

Breast cancer treatments are suggested and encouraged for any individual who has received a diagnosis of breast cancer. The main benefit of treating Breast Cancer is that if caught early enough, the posibilities of survival are higher for both men and women.

Today's therapies and treatments have grown increasingly successful in eradicating cancer cell growth and development, by as much as 70%.

Who Performs Breast Cancer Treatments?

Patients diagnosed with breast cancer should look for an oncologist, who is nothing but a cancer specialist, trained for treating cancer.

Look for experience, training, and that the specialist of their choice has been board-certified in specific areas of medicine. Board-certified physicians and surgeons in the field of medical oncology or surgery will ensure such qualifications.

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