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Thyroid Cancer Treatment Abroad

Thyroid Cancer Treatment Abroad

hyroid cancer is defined as a malignant cluster, tumor or formation of cells found in the tissues of the thyroid gland. The thyroid is a large endocrine gland found in the throat, responsible for controlling how fast the body metabolizes energy, forming proteins, and balancing hormone levels throughout the body. The thyroid not only regulates metabolism or energy consumption, but also affects the rate of growth and function of the body and other body organs, including the heart. Any damage or disease process that affects this gland may also affect the production and utilization of hormones, as well as growth and development.

Types of Thyroid Cancer
Four basic types of thyroid cancer are known as:

  • Papillary thyroid cancer - most common
  • Medullary thyroid cancer
  • Follicular thyroid cancer
  • Anaplastic thyroid cancer

Treatment and prognosis of any type of thyroid cancer depends on the age of the patient, the type of cancer, the stage the cancer is in when diagnosed, and the patient's overall general health.

Treatment Options for Thyroid Cancer

While treatment options for thyroid cancer depend on the type of cancer, as well as the stage when diagnosed, common treatments may include, either alone or in combination:

  • Radiation therapy, including radioactive iodine therapy - radiation treatment utilizes high energy x-rays and offers external (machine that emits raise outside of the body toward the cancerous area) or internal radiation therapy, utilizing a radioactive substance in the form of a seed of low dose radiation pellet inserted through needles, catheters or wires, and placed directly into the cancerous area.
  • Thyroid hormone therapy - hormone therapy removes specific hormones or inhibits hormone actions to stop the growth or division of cancerous cells.  This treatment offers drugs that prevent the thyroid from making certain hormones, including TSH, or thyroid stimulating hormone.
  • Surgery - the most common treatment for thyroid cancer may include procedures such as:
  • Lymphpadenectomy - removal of cancerous lymph nodes in the neck
  • Lobectomy - removal of the lobe of the thyroid where cancer is found
  • Near total thyroidectomy - removal of a small portion of the thyroid gland
  • Total thyroidectomy - complete removal of the entire thyroid gland
  • Chemotherapy - a traditional form of cancer therapy utilizes drugs that kill cancer cells by preventing them from dividing.
  • Chemotherapy drugs are generally injected into veins or muscles, or taken orally.

Additional therapies are currently under clinical trial studies, including targeting therapies designed to specifically target and kill cancer cells without damage or destruction to surrounding healthy tissues or cells in the body. One such targeted therapy, called the tyrosine kinase inhibitor, prevents growth signals from tumors and restricts and inhibits their growth.

Who Benefits from Thyroid Cancer Therapies?

While various therapies may cause unpleasant side effects in many people, positive results are often enjoyed through the use of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients. When caught early enough, cancer treatments encourage eradication of tumors and cancerous tissues and commonly result in a positive prognosis.

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How Much Does Thyroid Cancer Treatment Cost?

Cost of chemotherapy depends on many factors, including what type of cancer is being treated, how long a patient needs to undergo the treatment and how often it is needed. In the United States chemotherapy may cost between $2,000 to $4,000 a month depending on the drug and intake method. In Thailand, monthly costs run from $1,000 a month, while in India, costs average about $1,200 per month.

Radiation therapies may cost as much as $30,000 in the U.S., though international travelers may save between 40% and 50% in destinations such as Ukraine, Jordan, Mexico and South America.

Cost of cancer surgeries depend on the side of the cancerous node and type of procedure performed and may cost anywhere between $10,000 and $40,000 or more. Affordable surgeries through certified medical providers and cancer centers in foreign destinations also offer substantial savings to global patients.

Who Offers Thyroid Cancer Treatment

When looking for a doctor to help treat cancer, patients should look for cancer specialists. These specialists are trained in the field of oncology. Patients should look for experience, training, and that the specialist of their choice has been board-certified in specific areas of medicine. The physician who is board-certified in medical oncology or surgery will ensure their qualifications in their field.

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