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Reconstructive Breast Surgery Treatment Abroad

Reconstructive Breast Surgery Abroad

Individuals who have experienced traumatic injuries, as well as those who have had breasts or breast tissues removed because of cancer often desire reconstructive breast surgery. Reconstructive breast surgery is typically performed by two different surgical methods that include breast implants, or by using tissue transferred from another location of the woman's body to rebuild the breast.

Common Options and Breast Reconstruction

  • Breast implants
  • Live tissue breast reconstruction
    • TRAM flap
    • Latissimus dorsi flap

Breast implant procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis or at a hospital, depending on the patient's need. In some cases, such implant surgeries can be done under local anesthesia. Such surgeries may take between one and three hours, depending on whether the breast implant is inserted behind or in front of chest muscle tissues and whether implants are inserted into one or both breast areas.

Before engaging in breast implant procedures, your physician will discuss with you general overall health, your body shape as well as chest structure, the type and size of implant desired, among other considerations.

Breast reconstruction procedures are determined by the medical situation, as well as breast size and shape. Women with small or medium-sized breasts are typically the best candidates for breast reconstruction procedures that utilize live tissue transplantation or tissue flap procedures to replace surgically removed or damaged breasts. A tissue flap is generally a section of skin, fat, and even muscle that may be removed from the stomach or back area to be shaped into a new breast.

The most common type of tissue flap rest reconstruction surgery is the TRAM (transverse rectus abdominus musculocutaneous) flap that utilizes a section of tissue taken from the abdomen. The Latissimus dorsi flap utilizes tissues that are taken from the upper back.

Who Benefits from Breast Reconstruction Surgeries? 

Any woman who suffers from damage, trauma, or lumpectomy may benefit from breast reconstruction surgeries and procedures. Breast reconstruction is not limited to implants or flap procedures, but may also include tissue expanders, tattooed nipples, as well as nipple reconstruction.

What Do Breast Reconstruction Surgeries Cost?

In the United States, a single breast implant can cause nearly $3,000. A TRAM flap procedure may cost just over $7,000, while a back flap (Latissimus dorsi) flap procedure may cost about $6,000. Nipple reconstruction may cost $1,200, and a tattooed nipple may run about $600. Individuals should be advised that these costs do not include anesthesiologists, the cost of the implants themselves, or hospital care. Fortunately, many American health insurance companies cover the cost of breast reconstruction following mastectomy, and the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act passed in 1998 also requires health insurance providers who cover such procedures to also cover the cost of breast cancer reconstruction for mastectomy patients.

However, costs for such surgeries in foreign destinations such as Mexico, India, Singapore, or even European locations such as Croatia or the Ukraine may save medical travelers and breast reconstruction patients thousands of dollars. In India for example, breast implants cost an average of $1,800 and a Flap procedure costs around $2,000.

Who Performs Breast Reconstruction Surgeries?

Breast reconstruction surgeries may be performed by oncologists as well as plastic surgeons trained in reconstructive breast surgery.  In most cases, such patients are referred to plastic or cosmetic surgeons. Always ensure that the surgeon of your choice has received adequate training and experience in the type of breast reconstruction surgery that you're interested in. Look for certification in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or in organizations and associations found in that surgeon’s country of origin or practice.

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