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Breast Reduction Treatment Procedure Abroad

Breast Reduction Treatment Abroad


Breast reduction treatments are a common procedure, done to promote physical relief as opposed to cosmetic relief in many cases. Women who have large breasts experience back and neck pain, due to the large amount of weight that causes strain on the muscles. In more severe cases, spine issues and breathing problems are also caused by the large amount of weight women carry in their breasts.

Known as reduction mammaplasty, this procedure is also a solution for women who find that their bras are not capable of providing proper support, causing undergarment straps to dig into the shoulders and pull them down. Most often, a breast reduction treatment in a final solution to pain in the upper body, as well as self-conscious issues involved when having larger breasts.

The Breast Reduction Treatment Procedure

The first step in undergoing a breast reduction treatment is to get a mammogram. This x-ray allows the surgeon to fully see the structure and form of the breasts, and allows them to see the ideal way to reshape the breasts in a reduced size for comfort.

The most common procedure in a breast reduction is called the anchor shaped reduction. The incision is made around the areola, and then follows the natural curve to the under area of the breast. With this incision, the surgeon removes any excess tissue and fat to reduce the size of the breasts. Because the nipples and areola are in the area that is being reduced, they are moved to a new position, higher up for a more natural look with the reduced breast size.

After the surgeon removes as much excess skin and fat tissue that are needed for the patients ideal size, the surgeon shapes the breasts and checks to make sure that the area is properly smoothed out before closing up the incision. Once the incisions are closed, the surgeon then wraps the breasts in a dressing, and adds a surgical bra for added support. A drain tube will be added so that blood or fluid is drained away from the area for the first day after the procedure.

Pain relief medication is prescribed as needed, and any discomfort will usually subside after a few days. By following instructions from the surgeon, healing time happens rather quickly and bandages are removed after only a few days. The surgical bra is worn for a couple of weeks after the procedure in order to maintain the shape of the breasts and for added protection against swelling. Stitches are removed at the surgeon's discretion, usually within the first few weeks after the procedure.  Healing begins within the first few weeks of the procedure, with complete healing after a few months.

Benefits of Breast Reduction Treatment Procedure

Who Benefits from Breast Reduction?

For the most part, breast reduction procedures are done to relieve pain from the upper body, especially around the back and neck area. In the event that large breasts cause difficulty breathing, this procedure allows that to be fixed as well as lessening the weight on the upper body. For a more cosmetic reason, some women feel uncomfortable with having large breasts for personal or social reasons, and the breast reduction procedure is an ideal solution for any case.

What does Breast Reduction Cost?

Costs may vary depending on location or region the procedure is being done. Various fees like facility, surgeon and anesthesia are also in addition to the procedure. In the United States, a breast reduction treatment is priced around $5,500-11,000. In Thailand, the procedure is around $4,500 and in Argentina it costs about $4,000.

Choosing a Surgeon

It is important to check with the surgeon before any medical procedure to get a good idea of their work and how other patients have looked when the treatments are done. The facilities should be modern, clean and all documents should be up to date. Check the surgeon’s credentials to make sure they are completed, and those who have all of the proper certifications.

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