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MACS Lift Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Lift Mini Facelift Cosmetic Surgery

MACS Lift Treatment Abroad


MACS lift stands for “Minimal Access Cranial Suspension-lift” and it is a cosmetic procedure very popular with women who have saggy skin on their face giving an aging look. It is a minimally invasive facial cosmetic surgery also referred to as “Mini lift with vertical suspension of the sagging tissue, through a small incision”.

When it was first invented, at the beginning of the 1990’s, the MACS lift was a revolutionary new procedure. This technique added a number of advantages to the traditional Mini lift performed since the 1970’s and improved over the years, developing into more techniques for face lifting.

What Does MACS lift Stand for?

“Minimal Access Cranial Suspension-Lift”

  • Minimal Access = Minimal scaring
  • Cranial Suspension = Lifting towards the crown and affixing with several strong, permanent sutures.
  • Producing a stunning and natural result.

The MACS facelift is often combined with other rejuvenating treatments such as:

MACS Lift treatment steps:

You indicate your choice of anesthetic during your consultation with the cosmetic surgeon performing it. The MACS Lift cosmetic surgery can be performed either under local anesthetic or intravenous sedation.

The incision is minimally invasive and is made in the crease in front of the ear measuring around 1 inch, and it follows the natural crease in the skin so that after a few months the scar is almost invisible.

Through this incision the plastic surgeon detaches the skin from the cheeks using minimally invasive instruments such as an endoscope, up to the corner of the jaw near the neck, from where the underlying muscles are tightened and lifted vertically.

If necessary, during the procedure, excess fat under the chin can be removed by a pin-point incision. When all the skin structures have been corrected, the skin is tightened so that it can heal to look natural.

The excess skin is then removed and the small incision in front of the ear is stitched up. 

The advantages of the MACS lift are:

The tension on the skin and on the tissues under it is applied in a vertical direction, thus preventing the face from looking as though “pulled”, resulting in a completely natural look.

  • The procedure can be performed without hospital stay (outpatient)
  • Short duration: 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Local anesthetic or intravenous sedation
  • Corrects muscle and connective tissue using vertical lifting
  • Permanent thread for cranial suspension
  • Natural-looking effect
  • Long-lasting results
  • Fast recovery: 7 to 14 days
  • Small scarring: in the fold in front of the ear
  • Safe, with very few complications

Recovery after MACS Lift

After the MACS Face lifting you sleep for a while at the clinic. You can already return home the same evening. You can resume your normal daily activities between one and two weeks later.

How much Does MACS Lift Cost?

In Australia the price for MACS Lift can cost anywhere between $6500 and $8500. MACS lift in Argentina costs around $5000, around $4000 in the UK. The average cost of MACS Facelift in the US varies from $6,000 to $10,000. The prices for MACS Lift cosmetic surgery in India is of $2500, in Croatia and Cancun, Mexico, MACS Lift Cost is of $4,500.

How to Choose your MACS Lift Cosmetic Surgeon?

Make sure your plastic surgeon is a specialists in facelift surgery. Extensive experience in the complete range of mini lift and face lift techniques will provide extra security and guarantee a great result. A comprehensive consultation will determine the best surgical facelift or mini facelift technique for you, to achieve beautiful and natural long-lasting results.

Discuss everything and ask all your questions to the cosmetic surgeon, such as: which method is best, the expected results, possible risks and aftercare.

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