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Facial Implant Procedures Abroad

Facial Implant Procedures Abroad


Facial implants are a popular choice for adding proportion or enhancement to facial features. The most common area for such implants are the chin and the cheekbones, which often serve to add definition to a person's facial bone structure. Facial implants also offer benefits of a more youthful appearing face or to add volume to create a more rounded or balanced appearance.

Who Benefits from Facial Implants?

Any individual suffering from a weak chin, extremely narrow cheekbones or misaligned nose structure or jaw lines may benefit from facial implant procedures. Serving not only to re-proportion facial features, facial implants may improve self-esteem and self-confidence in those undergoing the procedure. Individuals requiring reconstruction, augmentation or rejuvenation processes benefit from facial implants, both physically and emotionally.

Facial Implants Construction and Procedure Techniques

Facial implants are made of either silicon or porex. Silicon has been around for decades, and offer solid implants that don't leak. The other type of implant is constructed out of porex, which is a porous material that is nevertheless solid in feeling and structure. Facial implants may be custom shaped to suit individual needs for chin, cheekbone, nose or jaw implant locations.

Most facial implant procedures utilize the same technique for insertion, which includes a small incision in close proximity to the permanent location of the implant. In most cases, the plastic surgeon will attempt to make an incision inside the mouth or in an existing facial crease. He or she then creates an opening or pocket between the layers of skin and muscle for the insertion of the implant. Following insertion and correct placement, the incision is closed with stitches.   

In most cases, facial implant procedures take between one and two hours under general anesthesia, which means the patient will be asleep. Sutures are bandaged and removed about a week later. Sutures that are placed inside the mouth will dissolve on their own and will not need to be removed.

 Facial Implants Cost

How Much Do Facial Implants Cost?

In the United States, elective plastic and cosmetic surgeries are not covered by most health insurance plans. Facial implants in the U.S. range around $2,750 per implant, though size and location may alter prices. For most implants averages in the U.S. are approximately $2,000 to $5,000.

Travelers to India may save up to 60% on costs of the same surgical procedures performed in the U.S. Medical tourists to South American locations such as Costa Rica, Brazil and Argentina can save up to 40% on costs.

Who Performs Facial Implant Procedures?

One of the most important choices in any cosmetic procedure is choosing the right surgeon. Be sure to research the surgeon’s history, as well as making sure he or she has proper training and experience in the specialty you are seeking, no matter where the procedure is done. Check out the medical facilities, and see that they are accredited and follow a code of ethics. Surgeons should be listed in Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery organizations or associations in their country of origin, and may even be listed as members of International groups or associations.

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