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Ear Surgery Abroad

Ear Surgery Abroad


For those who have large, protruding or disfigured ears, ear surgery, or Otoplasty as it is commonly known, is used to reshape or reposition the ears to achieve a more proportional look.

Most patients who undergo Otoplasty have the following conditions:

  • They suffer from macrotia, a condition that makes ears overly large
  • They have had previous surgery and are dissatisfied
  • Their ears are protruding beyond a normal appearance

An otoplasty is most beneficial when patient desires a more natural appearance with the ears. Many patients desire their ear structure to match with their face proportionally, and those who had disfigurements due to accidents or birth defects use otoplasty to enhance their appearance in order raise self-esteem and confidence levels. 

Common Ear Surgery Procedure Technique

Before surgery can occur, a patient might need to undergo medical evaluations if it is determined necessary by the surgeon in order to discuss potential for goals and desires being met. Any medications a prospective ear surgery patient is currently taking might be adjusted if deemed necessary by the surgeon, and any over the counter drugs that can increase bleeding could be restricted. During the consultation, the surgeon will also go over the surgical procedure as well as and post-operative care that should be performed by the patient. 

On the day of surgery, a local, intravenous or general anesthesia will be administered to make the procedure more comfortable for the patient. For patients undergoing an ear surgery to take care of protruding ears, the surgeon will make an incision in the back folds of the ear to reduce the appearance of scarring. 

For protruding ears, cartilage is reduced from the conchal bowl, behind the ear, to create a smaller appearance. The antihelical fold can be increased or decreased depending on proportions that go best with the face. The surgeon uses non-removable sutures to create a new ear shape, as well as to maintain the shape of cartilage already in place. 

Once the sutures create a new shape, external sutures close up the incision in the back of the ear. This process allows the ear to take a natural shape, as opposed to the un-natural look of simply pinning the ears back, as was done in the past. 

After the procedure is finished, the results are virtually immediate. The surgeon will place dressings on the ears to offer support while healing takes place. The chance of scarring is minimal due to the location of the incisions. 

Benefits of Ear Surgery

An otoplasty is ideal for those who are unhappy with the current shape of their ears because they are either too big or protrude, or for those who have unfortunately been through an accident and need plastic and reconstructive surgery. Having proportional ears enhances the outward appearance, as well as raising confidence and self-esteem.

Ear Surgery

Cost of Ear Surgery

Ear surgery costs most often include hospital costs, surgeon’s fees, medication, anesthesia and any medical tests that need to be done prior to the procedure. In the United States, ear surgery starts at approximately $3,000, while in Mexico, prices start at about costs $500 and in India medical travelers expect to pay approximately $650. These costs do not reflect lacks of experience or accreditation, however, but the fact that medical malpractice insurance in other countries is not nearly as high as costs in the U.S., thereby being able to pass savings on to patients.

Choosing a Surgeon 

It is important to choose a plastic surgeon familiar with the otoplasty procedures for the best results. Surgeons should have proven experience proper certifications and qualifications. All facilities and equipment need to be state of the art and support staff on location for post-operative care. Check to make sure surgeons and facilities are certified and accredited by associations and organizations of the country of origin, as well as international accreditation whenever possible.

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