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S Mini Face Lift Surgery Abroad

S Mini Face Lift Surgery Abroad

As the skin begins to age, it loses elasticity and begins to sag. The most prevalent areas where the first signs of aging occur are around the mouth, known as the jowls, and neck in both men and women. The mini-S lift is an ideal solution because it is more affordable than a typical facelift and does not require as much healing time. For those who only need a slight lift, the S-Lift is a relatively short procedure and due to the smaller stitches used in the lift any possible scars left behind are very minimal. This type of facelift focuses on the lower portion of the face and neck, as well as around the nose, which tends to have deep wrinkles or the beginning signs of sagging.

Ideal candidates for this type of procedure include those in their 30s and 40s, who mostly want to improve the lower jaw and neck area. The S-Lift is not designed to improve the look of the brow, and for extreme sagging, a traditional facelift is more effective.


After applying a local anesthetic and using light sedation, the surgeon will make small incisions in the shape of an ‘s’ around each of the ears. Depending on the surgeon, an endoscopic approach may be use to enhance results of the mini facelift. Once excess fat is trimmed from the area, the skin is gently pulled to create a taut, smooth jaw line and neck area. The skin is held in place by small sutures using a double purse string method around the incision points.

For those who want a subtle treatment done to the brows, additional procedures may be completed, including an eyelid or brow lift.


After the treatment, a light recovery is required. Most patients can shower and shampoo hair 24 hours after the procedure, and within five days sutures are removed. An over-the-counter pain reliever may be used to reduce discomfort and to reduce swelling. Patients are advised to sleep with the head elevated for the first week after the procedure and a cold compress is encouraged up to 48 hours after the lift.

Doctors typically advise that patients may go back to work less than a week after the procedure, and due to the subtle nature of the lift, the skin will not look too tight, but simply smoothed out.

Patients who undergo the S-Lift can often shave off between five and ten years from the face.

Benefits of the S Mini Lift

There are three major benefits to the S-Lift, which includes:

  • Minimal recovery time – Full recovery usually takes place within a few days, allowing you to only take a short time away from daily activities for recovery. 
  • Subtle lift – Allows you to see the positive results the same day you get the procedure, unlike the traditional lift, where it could take weeks for swelling to subside fully.
  • Outpatient Procedure – The quick, outpatient procedure means you can rest comfortably in your own home after the lift is completed. 
  • Economical option compared to the traditional facelift procedure

Cost of S- Mini Lift

As one of the benefits of an S-Lift, the costs for this procedure are substantially less than the traditional facelift. In the United States, the procedure is often around $4,000 USD, while the treatment in Thailand is $2,400 USD.

Choosing Your Doctor

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recommends that anyone seeking cosmetic surgery take the time to research various procedures, understand the process, and search out highly qualified and certified physicians to perform their procedures. A cosmetic or plastic surgeon should have at least five years of surgical training and at least two years of training and experience in plastic surgical procedures.

The Joint Commission International accredits many international facilities. A doctor, no matter where they live, should operate only in accredited medical facilities and fulfill quality standards in medical education requirements. Cosmetic and plastic surgeons from around the world should be board certified by medically accredited boards, associations, or organizations in their country of origin.

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