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Dentistry - Teeth Whitening Treatment Overview

Teeth Whitening Treatment Abroad

eeth whitening products and procedures are growing increasingly popular in recent years and help promote white teeth and bright smiles. Whether you have yellow teeth from drinking too much coffee, tea, or smoking, teeth whitening procedures performed through certified dental providers provide beneficial, and optimal, results for consumers.

As with any procedure, teeth whitening options are not available to every individual, depending on dental health, as well as overall medical health. Teeth whitening procedures produce varying results depending on the type of procedure and expertise of those applying gels, strips, and trays, all common methods of teeth whitening.

Who Benefits From Teeth Whitening Procedures?

Individuals suffering from stained teeth or abnormal pigmentation of the teeth benefit from teeth whitening procedures. Not only do teeth whitening procedures help to encourage dental and oral health, they help to restore the self-confidence and appearance of individuals who suffer from yellowed or stained teeth due to smoking, drinking or bad eating habits, as well as those who suffer from genetic problems, and those taking antibiotics for a multitude of medical conditions.

Common Teeth Whitening Procedures

Tooth whitening procedures are available in over-the-counter products and those provided in the dentist's office. The most common techniques include:

  • Laser tooth whitening
  • Whitening toothpastes
  • Whitening gels and strips
  • Tray-based tooth whitening techniques

Laser tooth whitening is available in most dental offices and provides the best, and most immediate, results.  This technique combines processes of bleaching gels and laser light therapy to enhance the appearance and color of teeth that is monitored by cosmetic dentists. This technique helps to avoid bleaching solution from overflowing onto gums and lips, which does cause some discomfort and sensitization issues for many clients.

Whitening toothpaste, gels and strips are common at-home techniques that allow individuals to whiten their teeth over short periods of time. Whitening toothpastes may be used every day or once a week for optimal benefits. In most cases, gels or strips are applied to the front surfaces of the upper and lower teeth two times a day for a two-week period of time for optimal results. Such gels or strips need to be applied to the surface of the teeth and remain in place for 30 minutes to overnight.

Tray-based tooth whitening techniques may be employed in the dental office or at home. It is recommended that individuals seeking this type of treatment do so under the supervision and expertise of a dentist in order to avoid over-bleaching the teeth, as well as avoiding sensitivity around the gums.

Regardless of the tooth whitening method you employ, dentists advise that individuals performing at-home dental whitening treatments use caution when it comes to the use of such products. Overuse of over-the-counter home teeth whitening products may wear down tooth enamel if used too frequently, and advise that the best and most effective results are those that are achieved by a trained dental provider.

Dentistry - Teeth Whitening Treatment Cost

How Much Do Teeth Whitening Procedures Cost?

In the United States, teeth whitening procedures are not covered under most dental insurance plans and may range from $20-$55 for low-end whitening products purchased at large retail stores to between $100 and $800 for treatments achieved in a dental office.  For individuals wishing to use at-home bleaching trays, custom fit trays provided by a dentist may cost anywhere between $300 and $2,000. Costs will vary depending on location and area of practice.

Dentists providing teeth whitening procedures in Mexico range around $350, while in Thailand, immediate benefits of dental office provided teeth whitening procedures cost around $300. In India, the cost may range between $400 and $500.

Choosing a Dentist

Consumers need to be aware that teeth whitening procedures do not work well on certain individuals, and trained and experienced dentists will be aware of the risks involved in such treatments. Make sure that your dental provider is registered with the American Dental Association or an association or organization in his or her country of origin.

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