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Corneal Rings Treatment Abroad

Corneal Rings Treatment Abroad


ision problems caused by keratoconus are usually near sightedness and blurred vision. Keratoconus is a medical term that describes the gradual buldging of the cornea, or that dome- like bulge at the front of the eyeball. In some cases, the cornea ends up looking more like a cone than a rounded bulge. This condition is created by the eyeball itself changing its shape from round, to spherical or oblong.

Corneal rings or intrastromal corneal ring segments (ICRS), is a form of treatment that changes the shape of the front of the eye, lessening the symptoms of blurred vision or near sightedness.

Benefits of Corneal Ring insertion
  • Decrease in blurred vision, increasing clarity and formation
  • Relieves symptoms of nearsightedness, improving visibility

Intacs Corneal Ring Segment Insertion Procedure
As a form of treatment for keratoconus, in addition to LASIK procedures, ICRS is now becoming the most popular form of treatment for eyeballs that have lost their correct, round shape.

ICRS implants do not remove tissue from the cornea, the part of the eye that is impacted by keratoconus.

ICRS procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and take an average of fifteen minutes per eye. Local anesthesia is uses, and often, a mild sedative is given prior to the procedure to further relax the individual. This type of procedure is preferred to other types of corneal ring placements because it is completely reversible.

A small incision is made in the surface of the cornea, just outside of the pupil. A small instrument is then placed on the cornea and makes two small circular channels on the cornea at about a two thirds depth of the entire cornea. The rings are placed in these channels and the incision is then closed.

Newer versions of this procedure use laser incisions instead of an instrumental incision.

These inserted rings are virtually invisible and cannot be felt on the eye. The rings themselves create a rounding of the cornea, correcting the spherical shape that creates the visual discrepancy.

Intacs Corneal Ring Segments Cost Abroad
How Much Does Intacs Corneal Ring Segments Cost?
Intacs corneal ring procedures are a form of Lasik surgery with average costs in the U.S. approximately $1,500 to $2,500 per eye. Treatment options in other countries such as Mexico or Thailand may enjoy savings of between 35% and 50% on costs incurred in the U.S.

Who Preforms ICRS procedures?
An ophthalmologist or a professional doctor trained in Lasik procedures should be licensed, trained and certified to perform cataract surgical procedures. He or she should also be trained to use of laser and ultrasound equipment. Medical licensing in the United States is by local, state, and national medical boards. A good choice would be a doctor who is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, or one who is associated with an academic medical center as they are more apt to be trained in new or advanced procedures.

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