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Otosclerosis Treatment Abroad

Otosclerosis Treatment Abroad

Otosclerosis is a disease which affects the bones of the inner and middle ear. More precisely, an abnormal bone formation appears within the middle ear leading to progressive hearing loss as sounds weaves do not reach the inner ear anymore.

The abnormal bone growth also affects the sense of balance as it extends into the inner ear. The most commonly affected by otosclerosis are women aged between 15 and 30 years. The disease develops in one ear at the beginning, but it will ultimately affect both ears. The disease is diagnosed through hearing tests or a CT scan of the cochlear nerve and labyrinth.

Otosclerosis causes

It is not clear what causes otosclerosis, but studies have shown that the disease might be hereditary or other factors might influence its development.

  • Immune disorders
  • Genetic disorder
  • Family history
  • Previous measles infection
  • Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy

Otosclerosis symptoms

  • Gradual, progressive hearing loss
  • Sensation of ringing in the ears
  • Improved hearing in noisy conditions
  • Dizziness

Otosclerosis treatment

There are several methods to keep otoslerosis under control. Doctors usually prescribe sodium fluoride dietary supplements, which have shown some benefits in slowing the disease, but the most chosen method is surgical.

Laparoscopic stapedectomy is the removal of the stapes (the innermost bone)and its replacement with a prosthetic device. With this surgery the patient does not need hearing aids and does not have the sensation of ringing in the ears.

There is also the option of cochlear implants, but the procedure has proved itself quite risky as the patients might experience facial nerve stimulation caused by the implant. This leads to another surgery to revise or calibrate the implant and so relieve the side effects.

Otosclerosis treatment price

The price for stapedectomy in the US ranges between $8,000 and $15,000, including the surgeon's fees, the hospital costs and the anesthetist. Extra costs will be incurred for pre and post-operative care, such as check-ups,  medication or extended treatment. But prices can get as low as $6,000 or even $4,000 in countries such as Brazil, India, Thailand or Turkey, all fees included.

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