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Drug dependence

rug dependence refers to a need of certain drug/s in order to function normally. This occurs in people suffering from various medical conditions. Drug dependence becomes a problem when a person abuses illegal or prescription drugs. Because the body gradually develops a tolerance to the drug or drugs, the person may start using larger doses in order to overcome this.

Difference between dependence and addiction

Drug dependence and addiction can be seen as two sides of the same coin. People can be dependent of drugs without being addicted and also they can become addicted without the normal functioning of the body depending on the drug intake.

Addiction characteristics:

  • using drugs despite the consequences
  • inability to stop intake
  • social isolation

Dependence characteristics

  • may include drug addiction characteristics
  • high tolerance to the drug,
  • desire for larger or more frequent doses
  • physical symptoms of withdrawal when attempting to stop using the drug

Stages of drug use

Drug use has 4 stages. These stages may differ from person to person depending on the speed with which said person goes through them.

Stage 1: Experimentation – The first stage of drug use occurs mostly in the teenage years of a person. This can happen either by using illegal or over-the-counter prescription drugs. This stage is crucial because it is when a person can decide if he wants to continue using drugs or give them up all together. It is important that the younger the person is when they experiment, the higher the risk is.

Stage 2: Regular use – At this stage a drug user may exhibit symptoms like depression or anxiety. At this point, if the problem of drug use exists, it will start to worsen.  Family and friends may notice a change in attitude towards them and social interaction in general. Also, a drug user may be characterized in this stage by risky behavior.

Stage 3: Substance abuse – This is the point when legal problems start to emerge. Substance consumption continues and becomes substance abuse. Family and friends will notice an increase in dosage and frequency of use.

Stage 4: Addiction or Chemical Dependency – This stage is characterized by cravings. These cravings are what drive a drug user to consume more and more of the substance. At this point, even if the drug user is conscious of the effects that the drugs are having on his body, the need for substance intake is so strong that they ignore the risks.

Drug Detoxification Therapy

Drug detoxification

Detox is a series of interventions that are designed to manage withdrawal symptoms and acute intoxication. Detox is separate from substance abuse treatment; it is a precursor for it. Sometimes it can last for a few days, but for others, detox may go on for a few months.  

Drug detoxification steps

1. Evaluation:In this first stage of drug detoxification, it is crucial to determine any underlying medical or psychological conditions or complications that may be co-occurring along with the drug abuse.

2. Stabilization: This is the first step towards starting a new drug-free life. The goal of this step is to go through withdrawal and gain a drug-free state.

3. Fostering entry into drug treatment: This stage is crucial in order for a drug user to make a full recovery. Some of them may ignore this step, considering they are cured. Through the help of family, friends and counselors they must be convinced to continue that drug treatment continues their entire life.

Drug Addiction Prices

Serbia - $10,000, Mexico - $9,000, US - $20,000 – $32,000, Thailand - $8,480 (6 weeks), Spain - $35,000 – $48,500, South Africa - $10,500   

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