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Metabolic Detoxification Treatment Abroad

Metabolic Detoxification Treatment Abroad


ong ago, Detoxification or detox only refered to a program for individuals with alcohol or drug abuse problems. Today, this concept uses a broader and more significant approach in health care. Detoxification are scientific and sometimes spiritual practices that involve complementary (colonic cleansing, fasting) and conventional (antitoxin therapy or chelation) approaches to aid the human body in ridding itself from unwanted foreign chemicals, excess vitamins and other toxins.

There are many different ways of cleansing the body's internal organs. Major methods used in detoxification treatments include colonic irrigation, chelation therapy (EDTA therapy), several varieties of herbal medicine, dietary therapy, fasting, nutritional supplementation, juicing, hydrotherapy, probiotics, even sauna and exercise.

What is Metabolic Detoxification?

Metabolic Detoxification is a type of detox that aids the enzymatic reactions (in our bodies) to perform toxin neutralization and transportation to secretory organs (like the kidneys or liver), so that foreign chemicals can be easily excreted away from the body.

These foreign chemicals include excess vitamins, hormones, signalling compounds, and inflammatory molecules, normally removed from the body by the similar enzymatic detox systems that clear the body from drugs and protect the body from environmental toxins.

Metabolic Detoxification is important to encourage “homeostatic” balance in the human body. Metabolic Detoxification is administered in conjunction with exercise activities, chelation therapy and colon detox as its primary focus involves nutritional approaches to optimize the body’s natural detoxification processes.

Guidelines of a Safe and Well-Designed Metabolic Detoxification Program:

  • Drink ample amounts of pure water (6-8 glasses per day)
  • A diet of organic and fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Ample nutrient and calorie intake to avoid under nutrition
  • Take foods and supplements that are free of food allergens like  casein (from dairy) and gluten (from grains).
  • Eliminate the intake of modified food ingredients, alcohol, stimulants, tobacco products and synthetic chemicals.
  • Perform moderate exercise activities
  • Eat ample amounts of fiber-rich foods to prevent constipation and promote proper bowel movement.
  • Consume adequate (not excessive) protein, preferable vegetable protein.
  • Consume specific nutrients that have been proven to support proper detoxification function. These includes: green tea (epigallocatechin gallate), cruciferous vegetables like brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli (glucosinolates), peanut skins and grapes (resveratrol), soy (isoflavones) and berries (anthocyanidins and polyphenols).

Metabolic Detoxification Costs

Benefits of Metabolic Detoxification

  • Positive impact on the energy and immune processing systems of the body.
  • Improves the function of the mitochondria (the cell’s energy powerhouse) which is vulnerable to toxicity.
  • Positive effect on the body's alkaline and acid balance, which also helps in regulating cellular mitochondria.
  • Improves overall health and reduces the risk to chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

How much is Metabolic Detoxification Therapy?

In Europe, metabolic detoxification procedure can cost USD $1,950 in Serbia while a Daily Detox Program in Turkey can start at USD $152 if treatment is availed without accommodations and USD $247 for a treatment booked at a standard room. In an exotic destination like Mexico, a Complete Body Detoxification Treatment can start between USD $300 to USD $1,500 whereas if you want in house in-house 35-day program with all treatment amenities such as accommodation and counselling, prices start at USD $9,000. Finally in Thailand, a Complete Detoxification Therapy Package costs USD $2,200.

Who manages a Metabolic Detoxification Program?

The administration of a properly designed metabolic detoxification program is usually performed by alternative medicine practitioners and doctors trained in drug abuse and withdrawal symptoms. Some of these doctors and healthcare professionals specialize in neurobiology and nutritional biochemistry. These doctors and healthcare professionals should be board certified and are legally practicing in their country of origin. 


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