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I am an extreme perfectionist, exigent, and an artistic person who had the good fortune of choosing an extraordinary doctor, Dr. Lazaro Cardenas, for my August 11th Facial Feminization Surgery. I've been working in the Fashion Industry for the last 25 years, giving me the taste and knowledge about face and body shape. I had been searching for more than 2 years for the best surgeon that specialized in F.F.S. I contacted doctors in San Francisco, Montreal; , Beverly Hills, Illinois, and in Thailand and the best of all choices was Dr. Lazaro Cardenas in Guadalajara Mexico. Because I am so thrilled with the results. I feel compelled to write and tell those that have been looking for the most affordable, dedicated staff, best after care, and the best plastic surgeon that will perform the most successful Facial Feminization surgery.

Dr. Cardenas impressed me with his honest assessment and sincerity at the very first consultation. I immediately knew I could trust him with the care of my face. After seeing the outcome, I realized how Dr. Cardenas had worked to give me the most natural looking results. He subtly re-sculptured my manly bone structure and worked on the soft tissues as well to achieve the look I have dreamed of all my life; a beautiful woman. I also believe the extreme after care services made my speedy recovery nothing short of amazing! Dr. Cardenas deserves to be commended, for his exceptional skills and dedication to his work. He deserves to be respected In the field of FFS and as a teacher of body conturing, at the University of Guadalajara, for the last 25 years. He is truly a unique, talented, and trustful plastic surgeon. He has clearly earned my respect and I would hope the respect and recognition of his peers. I assure you, I have nothing to gain from writing this letter except the satisfaction of telling you there will be many other happy, more confident people like myself, if they chose Dr. Cardenas as their surgeon. Furthermore, I would like to highlight by saying over and over, again.

The after care I received at his clinic was excellent. Everything went smoothly from sign-in to check-out. I was treated courteously and everyone went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable, always with a big smile on their faces. I also took note of the cleanliness and the tranquility of the facility. In closing, I would like to recommended Dr. Cardenas not only to the transgender community but to anyone looking for perfection. I feel grateful and lucky enough to share my experience. I cannot thank him enough for managing a fine facility, overseeing a competent and caring staff, and most especially for possessing the abilities that make him the Best Plastic Surgeon preforming Facial Feminization Surgery. Sincerely,
Marion Love
Marion Love, New York

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