Miraculous Cerebral Palsy Treatment at BPIH in Beijing, China

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Patient Case Study, Cerebral Palsy, Stereotactic Brain Repair Treatment, Neural Growth Factors Injection, Physical Rehabilitation Therapy, Beijing Puhua International Hospital, Beijing, China

Cerebral Palsy Treatment at BPIH in Beijing, ChinaMiraculous Cerebral Palsy Treatment at BPIH in Beijing, China

"We had hope & faith and we saw the Miracle –Lucas’s story and his treatment of Cerebral Palsy at Beijing Puhua International Hospital," said the happy parents of 4-year-old Lucas Postovan from Ireland. Lucas received stereotactic brain repair treatment, neural growth factors injection and physical rehabilitation therapy at BPIH and gained miraculous recovery.

History of Lucas Postovan

On 12 May 2014, Lucas was born with Cerebral Palsy as a result of an infection his mother had at her 12th week of pregnancy, which unfortunately affected his brain and physical development. The Doctors in Ireland explained there is no specific treatment except physical therapy. In February, Lucas’s parents happened to see Beijing Puhua International Hospital’s (BPIH) advertisement on an Amazon’s link. It was about cerebral palsy treatment and they were very curious and interested in the treatment we offer. They could not believe that there actually was a treatment for it and started to communicate with our hospital.

They also continued to research other hospitals in America, Europe, Germany, France and Turkey. They were searching for the best option for their precious child and after careful consideration, they decided to make BPIH their first choice. Lucas’s parents travelled with him to Beijing and he was admitted to BPIH for treatment.

Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery for Cerebral Palsy

After admission, several medical protocols were applied, which included stereotactic treatment to repair the injured neural cells, medical treatment to improve his cerebral blood-supply and metabolism – to enhance his neural function, a Traditional Chinese Medicine protocol as well as Physical Rehabilitation Therapy and other supportive treatments.

Patient Case Study at BPIH, Beijing, China

(During the operation)

Medical Condition after Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery for Cerebral Palsy

After only 10 hours following the surgery, Lucas started to swallow without using a soother, which he never did before. On the next day, his parents saw him moving around in his bed! Prior to the surgery, he was not able to do that! Previously he used to stay in bed for hours, without any movement at all. His muscles are now more relaxed and he is more sensitive to his surroundings. Lucas’s parents are very surprised and happy with the immediate treatment results. They also mentioned that there are many CP patients in Ireland and that this treatment provides a new life for those children.

We hope to see Lucas to improve even more, but it all takes time and a big commitment in rehabilitation exercises.

Lucas’s parents made a video to share their experience at BPIH.

Cerebral Palsy Treatment at BPIH

Physical Rehabilitation Therapy at BPIH, Beijing,  China

Stereotactic Brain Repair Treatment at BPIH, Beijing, China

The memorable hand-painting was drawn by his parents in our rehabilitation room.

Cerebral Palsy Treatment at BPIH, Beijing, China

Lucas’s parents and BPIH’s staff.


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