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Center Name :CBC Health Stroke Recovery Treatment

Location :Ottostraße 3-5, 80333, Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany
Focus Area :Stem Cell Therapy | Stroke Treatment | Cord Blood Based Ischemic Stroke Recovery | Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy | Munich, Germany

Christy´s Improvement Story after Stroke via Umbilical Cord Blood Treatment in Munich, Germany

Christy´s story of improvement after stroke via Umbilical Cord Blood Treatment in 2020

Stroke Stem Cell Treatment in Germany

When I was 27 I suffered a severe stroke and heart attack. I was on a life support machine for 8 months and doctors said the likelihood of me ever recovering was very low. After 8 months I woke up from the coma. Because of the stroke, I had suffered brain damage which led to me being blind and I also had no use of the left side of my body. I could not talk, walk or eat. My Dad did a lot of research to find ways of improving my situation and we found your clinic. In September 2020 I was on the plane to Munich from Wales, my home country. I was made to feel very welcome in the clinic by everyone who works there and I had the core blood stem cell treatment all in one day.
Stroke Stem Cell Treatment in Germany
There was no pain involved in the procedure and I was very comfortable lying in the bed all day watching TV and eating Thai food while the IV line was giving me my stem cells. Since the treatment I have regained use of my left side and can now lift 6kg weights and I can also walk short distances unaided. My speech had also greatly im- proved along with my sight. Instead of seeing just black I can now see lots of bright colors, this has improved my life more than I could have imagined and has given me more hope that the next treatment will be even more successful in bringing my eye sight back. I can’t thank Dr T and his team enough as they have literally saved my life, I have now got something to live for whereas before this treatment I was just existing.
Christy Rathbone Wrexham, Wales
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