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Name     TIM
Date     2011.01.21

I have been lifting weights trying to transform my body for over 4 years. I am 29 year old male who is 195.5cm weight 109kg. I have been always been able to get my muscles to respond to hard physical work outs, but I could never get the fat to go away from my stomachlove handles. I have tried diet sintense cardio it only helped to get rid of some of the fat. The stubborn fat around my midsection would never go away.

I looked online for clinics in liposucition clinic in Seoul and came across Seoul 365mc Liposuction Hospital. I looked at the before and after photos and then looked at the prices. The prices were about $4000.00 less than if I would have gotten Liposuction in the United States. I was a little nervous about getting surgery done in S. Korea because I was not sure if they had the same high quality standards they have in the United States. After doing some research online I came to find out that S. Korea is one of the leading countries when it comes to plastic surgery and read an article about medical tourism. This put my mind at ease, so I made a call to the number on the webiste and spoke to Lauren. I was surprised at how well she spoke English and she was very helpful answering my questions over the phone.

During my consultation she explained some of the different options instead of doing liposuction, such as a serious of injections that target the fat in certain areas. I decided to go ahead and get the Liposuction since once the fat is removed it will never come back in that local area and since I had a limited time frame before I had to leave the country. The doctor told me they had a special for the month of January and they would do my upper and lower abs, flanks, and back all for 3.6 million won, which is about $3,200 US dollars. At that price I was SOLD!!! I was expecting to pay way more. I decided to get the surgery next week.

During the surgery I was not very nervous, because Lauren was very helpful answering interpreting my questions I had for the plastic surgeon. The worst part of the actual procedure is when the nurses rubbed Iodine all over my stomach area. It was freezing cold! The nurse laid me on the table and gave me an IV in my hand which contained the sedative to help me fall asleep. Next thing you know the surgery was over and they were moving me to the recovery room. The recovery room was nice and comfortable and I slept there for a few hours. Once the sedative totally wore of I got dressed and took the bus home. It wasn't really painful, but it was a lil uncomfortable getting up and down off the couch. Besides that it was fine, there was not really any pain more of a soreness, like I did 500 Crunches or Situps. I looked in the mirror that night and I noticed a big difference right away! My waist was super slim.

I went back to work the next day no problem. Everyday the soreness got less and less and on the 3rd day I was back in the gym lifting weights as normal. I was a little bummed out that my midsection was swollen and it wasnt all nice and slim like it was the days before. Lauren assured me that this was normal and that it could take 1-2 months for the swelling to go all the way down. It has been 18 days and I am very pleased with my results. I have some hardening and uneven spots on my abdomen, since I wasnt doing a good job at the self massages that are required many times a day, But the endermologie treatments have helped out with it tremendously.

These enermologie treatments use a powerful suction device to help massage and smooth out your skin. These treatments are very effective, but they were the most painful thing that I have ever experienced. I honestly thought I was gonna pass out, I was breathing like I was going into labor about to give birth. It was the longest 10 minutes of my life! My advice is make sure you do the recommended self massage MANY TIMES a day, which will make the massage somewhat less painful or if you can take some kinda pain medication. Also have the nurse show you how to do them because I was doing mine wrong, which is way my stomach was hard and had some uneven areas.

I am excited to see the final results of my surgery and hopefully be able to hit the beach this summer with a sexy six-pack! I would definately recommend this clinic to anyone that is interested in transforming their body. They are very nice and professional group of individuals!

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