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I have been in military for 4 years,I have always been big for a soldier. The max weight is 85.73kg 189lbs for 108.34cm 71in tall male. If, failed to meet the weight standards, then there is a body fat percentage, 22 for 22-26 year old male, which is a 95.25cm 37.5in waist for a 40.64cm 16in neck.

This November, I was put on a military overweight program that stops me from getting promotion, attending college,re-enlisting again until I am off this program.

It is really important to meet the military standard so I could continue my military career.

I was not sure if this treatment would work for me when I heard about it, but I was wrong. This is a helping tool to get me closer to being off the military overweight program continuing progressing in my career. These injections do work very well, if you are willing to do a little extra exerciseeat smaller healthier portions.

I found that I was losing weightlength around my waist every time that I came in for my injections. Even when I was really busy with work,was not able to exercise that much, I still was losing weight. If you are like me, then I would suggest doing this treatment... IT IS WORTH THE MONEY!!

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