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Seoul, South Korea
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Weight Loss Through Diet in Seoul South Korea

Weight Loss in South Korea, Ilmaek Hospital

Weight Loss Through Diet in South Korea

I have been having yo-yo syndrome often due to doing lots of hunger diet for a long time. During this time, I have been gaining weight more and more because of it. I felt uncomfortable in my life by obesity, so I choose Oriental diet as last diet in my life. The reason why I choose Ilmaek Oriental Hospital is they have 10 years knowhow that have been studying only diet and they are the biggest oriental hospital ever in South Korea! (They have 26 branches all over the nation!!)

I was staying in Korea for 3 weeks for losing my total weight in Ilmaek hospital. During that time, I got multi treatment as taking oriental medicine for losing weight and procedure of reducing size for lower body. After I came back to Singapore, I have been taking the oriental medicine for 5 months through international shipping.

You know what? At the end, I lost 11.7kg (25.8lb)!!

Two months after the treatment, I do not have yo-yo syndrome and I can eat whatever I want. I did not starve myself to lose weight. I strongly recommend Ilmaek Oriental Hospital to people who really want a healthy diet without worry about yo-yo syndrome.

Linxi (Singapore)


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