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Slim Retreat Package in Bologna, Italy by Palazzo di Varignana

Package price starting from: $3500
Treatment: Ayurveda,Weight Loss Program,Yoga/Meditation
Associated Center: Palazzo di Varignana
Varignana, Castel San Pietro Terme (BO), Italy
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Experience Wellness with the Slim Retreat in Bologna Italy

Slim Retreat Package in Bologna, Italy by Palazzo di Varignana

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Palazzo di Varignana Slim Retreat Package in Bologna, ItalyExperience the ultimate in slimming and toning with the Slim Retreat Package offered by Palazzo di Varignana in the captivating city of Bologna, Italy. Nestled amid the picturesque landscapes of Emilia-Romagna, this retreat is meticulously designed to help you achieve your desired body shape and feel confident in your skin. Palazzo di Varignana invites you to embark on a transformative journey of wellness and rejuvenation, where luxurious accommodations, gourmet cuisine, and cutting-edge slimming treatments converge to create an unparalleled experience. Whether you're looking to shed excess weight, sculpt your physique, or simply revitalize your body and mind, this slim retreat promises to leave you feeling lighter, leaner, and more radiant than ever before.

Slim Wellness Retreat Price in Bologna, Italy

You can get Slim Retreat Package in Bologna, Italy by Palazzo di Varignana with the price starts at €3,176 or $3,500. Please refer to our price list table below to learn more


Cost in USD

Bologna, Italy

€3,176 or $3,500

Note: price may change and vary depends on complexity of procedures and patient conditions. Click free quote button below to learn more.

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Benefits of Choosing Slim Retreat in Bologna, Italy

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of experienced wellness professionals and slimming specialists who will tailor a personalized program to help you achieve your weight loss and toning goals.

  • Luxurious Environment: Palazzo di Varignana offers a luxurious and serene setting surrounded by the beauty of the Italian countryside, providing the perfect backdrop for relaxation, rejuvenation, and slimming.

  • Holistic Approach: The slim retreat program adopts a holistic approach to weight loss and toning, incorporating a combination of spa treatments, fitness activities, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle coaching to optimize results.

  • Gourmet Cuisine: Indulge in delicious and nutritious meals prepared by skilled chefs using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring that you can enjoy healthy eating without sacrificing flavor or satisfaction.

  • Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage of Bologna, with opportunities to explore the city's historic landmarks, culinary delights, and vibrant atmosphere between slimming sessions.

Slim Retreat 7 - 14 Nights

Reprogramming the metabolism. Ideal for intensive weight loss and reshaping the silhouette. The Slim Retreat programme is a personalised transformative path that, through the 5 pillars of health of the Acquaviva Method, helps to achieve effective and lasting weight loss, oriented towards a long-term strategy to maintain a healthier, better performing body.

The programme is aimed at optimising metabolic efficiency, taking into account glycaemic patterns throughout the day, based on circadian rhythms, insulin and glucagon hormone levels and cortisol control.

Slim Retreat in Bologna Italy

It has been proven that drastic diet programmes based on few calories facilitate immediate weight loss, but slow down the metabolism, so it is easy to regain weight with interest.

The protocol of the Acquaviva Method, on the other hand, is highly innovative, based on the latest scientific findings, and aims to stimulate metabolic activity, fight oxidative stress, and promote rest and the immune system.

The programme includes a complete and customised remise en forme plan: functional nutrition is combined with a physical activity plan and the highly effective beauty treatments of the Varsana spa. Anti-aging, relaxation and holistic activities support this performance programme that promotes longevity.

To learn a new approach to mealtimes that allows guests to enjoy the pleasure of food without guilt, Dr Acquaviva - a nutritionist dietician - has devised the Mindful Lunch, a shared lunch experience with guests to counteract emotional eating.

Moreover, to promote lasting weight loss, the Acquaviva Method transfers all the tools necessary to maintain the ideal weight over time, even once back home.

Health Activities

  • Longevity Consultancy with Dr. Annamaria Acquaviva

  • Start of the transformative journey in the Royal Train of Palazzo di Varignana

  • Mindful Lunch with Dr. Annamaria Acquaviva

  • Sleep-induction training therapy with binaural stimulations

  • 2 Nature Therapy

  • Masterclass "Shine your talent"

  • Waters of longevity and antioxidant ritual

Fitness Activities

  • 4 Personalised physical activities with Personal Trainer

  • 2 Bio Walking in the vineyards of Palazzo di Varignana

Varsana Spa Activities

  • Beauty & Spa consult

  • Skin check-up analysis

  • Scrub in the Grotta dei Calanchi

  • Oleaster Treatment with Varignana oil 50’

  • Draining massage 50'

  • Revitalising and firming abdomen treatment 50' / Back massage for men Firming and toning body massage 50'

  • Detoxifying cellulite treatment 50'

Valid from Sunday to Sunday (program can be customized on request)

  • Price for one person in a double room for single use from € 3176

  • Accompanying person only supplement in DBL room and breakfast € 700

  • Extra charge for accompanying person in DBL room with Slim programme € 2686

Slim Retreat Package Inclusions

The guest will meet Dr Annamaria Acquaviva, scientific director of the Resort and creator of the Acquaviva Method, and the multidisciplinary staff of Palazzo di Varignana to personalise the slimming and remise en forme path.

Slim Wellness Retreat in Bologna Italy

The coaching and motivational activity dedicated to our guests is fundamental for change.

  • Longevity Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at the Ginkgo Restaurant

  • Overnight stay in a double room for single use

  • Daily entrance (3 hours) to the traditional Varsana SPA route

  • Outdoor pools open from May to September

  • Smart watch for sleep monitoring

  • Welcome kit including bathrobe, slippers and tracksuit to use during your stay

  • Sleep kit: pillow menu, relaxation spray, sleeping mask, ear plugs, relaxing herbal tea

  • Complimentary for retreat guests is the book by Dr Acquaviva: "Health Revolution - The 5 pillars of health. Wellness and longevity according to the Acquaviva Method".

Slim Retreat Package Exclusions

  • Airfare and Transportation: The retreat package does not include airfare or transportation to and from Palazzo di Varignana. Guests are responsible for arranging their travel arrangements.

  • Personal Expenses: Any personal expenses incurred during the retreat, such as souvenirs or additional activities, are not covered in the package.

  • Alcoholic Beverages: Alcoholic beverages are not included in the retreat package but may be available for purchase at the resort's restaurants and bars.

  • Additional Spa Services: While select spa treatments are included in the package, additional services may incur extra charges.

  • Travel Insurance: Guests are advised to obtain travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies during their stay.

Slim Retreat Pre-op Tests

  • Health Assessment: Undergo a comprehensive health assessment to evaluate your overall health, medical history, and any underlying conditions that may impact your ability to participate in slimming treatments.

  • Fitness Evaluation: Complete a fitness evaluation to assess your current fitness level, mobility, and strength, helping to customize your exercise program and ensure safe and effective workouts.

  • Body Composition Analysis: Receive a body composition analysis to measure your body fat percentage, muscle mass, and other key metrics, providing valuable insights into your body composition and helping to track progress over time.

  • Lifestyle Assessment: Provide information about your lifestyle habits, including diet, exercise, stress levels, and sleep quality, to identify factors that may be contributing to weight gain or hindering your progress.

  • Medical Clearance: Obtain medical clearance from your healthcare provider to ensure that you are physically and medically fit to participate in slimming treatments and activities, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or concerns.

Slim Retreat Specialist in Bologna, Italy

Slim Retreat Specialist in Bologna, ItalyThe Slim Retreat Package at Palazzo di Varignana is overseen by a team of experienced slimming specialists, fitness trainers, nutritionists, and wellness professionals. Additionally, medical staff and onsite doctors are available to provide support and guidance throughout the retreat, ensuring a safe and effective slimming experience for all guests.

Is Slim Retreat Right for You?

  • Ideal for individuals looking to achieve weight loss, tone and sculpt their body, and improve overall fitness and confidence.

  • Suitable for those seeking a holistic approach to slimming, with personalized support and guidance to address individual goals and challenges.

  • Recommended for individuals who are committed to making lifestyle changes and adopting healthy habits to support long-term weight management and wellness.

  • Not suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions or physical limitations without prior consultation with a healthcare professional.

  • Perfect for those who are ready to embrace a transformative journey to a slimmer, healthier, and more confident version of themselves.

What to Expect During the Slim Retreat?

  • Personalized Fitness Program: Receive a tailored fitness program designed to target your specific goals and fitness level, incorporating a mix of cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and flexibility workouts to maximize calorie burn, build lean muscle, and improve overall fitness.

  • Detoxifying Spa Treatments: Indulge in a series of spa treatments focused on detoxification, cellulite reduction, and body contouring, such as lymphatic drainage massage, body wraps, and infrared sauna sessions, to help eliminate toxins, stimulate circulation, and improve skin tone and texture.

  • Nutritional Counseling: Work closely with a registered dietitian to develop a personalized meal plan tailored to your dietary preferences, nutritional needs, and weight loss goals, with guidance on portion control, balanced nutrition, and healthy eating habits to support your slimming journey.

  • Lifestyle Coaching: Receive support and guidance from wellness experts to make sustainable lifestyle changes that promote weight loss, including stress management techniques, sleep hygiene practices, and strategies for overcoming common obstacles to healthy living.

  • Ongoing Monitoring and Support: Throughout your stay at Palazzo di Varignana, you'll receive ongoing monitoring and support from the retreat staff, who will track your progress, adjust your program as needed, and provide motivation and encouragement to help you stay focused and committed to your slimming goals.

Wellness Retreat in Bologna Italy

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the slim retreat suitable for beginners or individuals with limited fitness experience?

Yes, the slim retreat program can be customized to accommodate individuals of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. Trained fitness professionals will tailor the workouts to your abilities, gradually increasing intensity as you progress.

Will I be required to follow a strict diet during the slim retreat?

While the retreat does promote healthy eating habits and balanced nutrition, the meal plan is designed to be flexible and sustainable, allowing for enjoyment of a variety of delicious foods while still supporting your weight loss goals.

How soon can I expect to see results from the slim retreat program?

Results can vary depending on individual factors such as starting weight, body composition, and adherence to the program. However, many guests report noticeable improvements in their body shape, energy levels, and overall well-being within the first week of the retreat.

Are there any age restrictions for participating in the slim retreat?

The slim retreat program is generally suitable for adults of all ages, but guests under 18 may be required to provide parental consent. Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions or concerns should consult with a healthcare professional before participating.

Can I continue my fitness routine and healthy habits after the slim retreat ends?

Absolutely! The goal of the slim retreat program is to empower you to continue your healthy lifestyle habits and fitness routine even after you return home. Your personalized program and nutritional guidance will equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to maintain your results long-term.

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