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Borgo Egnazia in Brindisi, Italy Offers High Quality Treatments

Borgo Egnazia, Savelletri di Fasano, 72015 Fasano Brindisi Puglia Italia, Brindisi, Italy
Specialty: Alternative Medicine, Ayurveda, Detox, Executive Healthcheck, Medical Spa Treatment, Skin Care, Yoga/Meditation
Focus Area: Happiness Programs | Spa | Nutrition | Body Care | Detox | Fitness | Holistic Health | Stress Management | Personal Development | Mindfulness | Borgo Egnazia | Savelletri di Fasano | Brindisi | Puglia | Italy

Borgo Egnazia Profile Overview

Borgo Egnazia - Happiness Like Nowhere Else in Puglia, South Italy

Borgo Egnazia brings ‘Happiness like nowhere else’: a place unique in the world that brings the tales of Puglia to life through timeless architecture, the beauty and centuries-old culture of the territory, the visionary and contemporary interpretation of tradition. Everything contributes to the search for a new balance and a renewed happiness among tailor-made experiences and a very high level of hospitality. In perfect Puglian style. 

Vair (in local dialect "True") is the unparalleled Puglian Spa nestled in the heart of Borgo Egnazia.

An extraordinary team of talented therapists-artists, musicians and local dancers is ready to guide guests in poetic experiences, following the teachings of the "Science of Happiness", and creating tailor-made programs according to individual desires and needs. Vair has several areas dedicated to different treatments: the beauty area with the new Nail Lab corner, the fitness area with gym and heated indoor pool, the community area with relax room, sauna, steam bath and Spa bar, and the most precious Roman Baths, a wonderful journey into the pulsating heart of Vair.


  • Happiness Breaks, 3 or 6 nights: a regenerating journey to achieve a renewed happiness through body care and a sense of gratification
  • BLUE ZONES Retreats, featuring evidence-based solutions from the world’s longest-lived people delivered in a practical format that makes healthy living easy and sustainable
  • Tarant, amazing retreat dedicated to women only


  • Facial care with extremely effective natural ingredients
  • Body care with the selection of all-natural ingredients and extremely high-quality and beneficial products
  • Massages that deeply connect body and soul
  • Beauty- Best of hair care and makeup and artisan manicure and pedicure


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