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Liver Cirrhosis Cells Treatment in Germany

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Living Cell Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis in Germany

Liver Cirrhosis Treatment with Living Cells in Germany

Cirrhosis is the crtitical damage of the liver as a consequence of nonstop, ongoing liver deterioration. Scar tissue substitutes healthy tissue in the liver and stops the liver from working properly.

The damage brought on by cirrhosis is irreversible and can't be counteracted.

Cirrhosis gets worse slowly, over many years, gradually causing your liver to stop operating. This is called liver failure. Helpful treatments for advanced cirrhosis is liver regeneration or liver transplant. 

The Living Cell Program:

  • The first day, when the patients arrive, a medical check-up with ECG is schedulled to determine the individual cell program, followed by fresh cell injections and bed rest while physicians make rounds and discuss the lab results
  • The second day, the guests will remain in their room in the morning and engage in light activities in the afternoon
  • Day three will be schedulled for medical consultations and departure or hotel reservation extensio

Treatment benefits:

  • Promotes the regeneration of liver cells
  • Reverses liver damage
  • Liver structure and function returns to normal
  • Reduces operation risk and painful recovery
  • Eliminate the need for a liver transplant

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