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Top Notch Living Cell Therapy for Male Infertility in Lenggries Germany

Package price starting from: $14180
Treatment: Alternative Medicine, Live Cell Therapy
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Male Infertility treatment with Living Cells Germany

Living Cell Therapy for Male Infertility in Lenggries Germany


Male Infertility Overview

Male infertility can sometimes be the only reason a couple cannot conceive a pregnancy or it can add to the series of causes. Luckily, nowadays there are several options that help patients overcome this obstacle.

Living Cell Therapy for Male Infertility Overview

The Living Cell Therapy consists in a variety of different organ-cells, and, if necessary, a high dosage of different cells from the male sexual organs (fresh prepared testis, erectile tissue, testicle, epididymis, prostate). These cell injections, which will be individually prepared for each patient, will improve and revitalize the patient's overall organ-function, body metabolism and blood circulation, and will specifically stimulate and improve the testis, erectile function, sperm production, revitalizing either damaged or weakened testicles cells and therefore the new sperm production, and therefore increase the patient's fertility.

The medical center will also inject several other needed organ, and nerve cells including fetal stem cells which are necessary in the process of the spermatogenesis and erectile function.

The clinic treats its patients with FRESH LIVING CELL THERAPIES from sheep (including fresh Placenta cells, fresh Thymus cells, and fresh Embryonic Stem Cells) with the highest success rate in revitalizing and restoring the patient's body and organs. The medical center prepares for each and every patient his individual, customized cell program. Therefore, patients need to stay 6 DAYS in the institute located in Germany, in order to get the highest dosage with the longest lasting results.

Therefore, the clinic gives from 8-12 real Fresh Cell Injections with up to 85 different organs or parts of organs for the highest and best improvement (revitalization), and treatment effect. Normally, it's recommended that the patient repeat a cell therapy every 1-2 years, in order to keep a stabilized and good effect and health.

Benefits of Living Cell Therapy for Male Infertility

  • A higher vitality and activity level.
  • A higher potency with a larger erectile function.
  • A more normal testis function with an increase in sperms.
  • Restores, stimulates and revitalizes the patient's body and organs.
  • Stimulates and activates the entire body, organ-system, blood circulation, metabolism, the immune-system, the hormonal system, and the overall vitality and activity level
  • The living cell therapy has a good influence on psychical and physical inconveniences.
  • The blood supply up to the capillary end vessels will be positively influenced.

Dr. Siegfried Block Centre for Living Cell Therapy in Germany

Cost, Inclusions and Exclusions of male fertility with living cells

At Dr. Siegfried Block Centre for Living Cell Therapy (Lenggries, Germany) the living cell therapy for male infertility package?s price starts from $14,180 and includes:

  • medical care and laboratory work
  • accommodation (the center treats its patients at the comfortable Arabella Brauneck Hotel, 5th floor Dr. Block, "Arabella Sheraton" in Lenggries; in this hotel, the highest floor is reserved just for the clinic's patients, and they will enjoy the benefits that a German superior hotel can offer)
  • food for the patient
  • constant observation by the clinic's qualified and trained medical team during the whole treatment.

The price excludes the patient?s personal expenses.

Why Choose Us for Fertility treatment?

  • Stem Cell Therapy procedures researched and perfected over 80 years.
  • Highly trained and experienced medical team.
  • Safe, flawless and highly successful methods
  • Stem cells are harvested from hardy race of mountain sheep that are periodically examined by the Bavarian Animal Health Service and the University of Giessen, Germany.

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