Story of Patients with Rhinoplasty Lip Augmentation in Istanbul, Turkey

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Story of Patients with Rhinoplasty Lip Augmentation in Istanbul, Turkey

"Since years I had breathing problems and also wished to correct my nose but I had heard alot of stories about cosmetic surgeries gone wrong that I was sceptical of undergoing surgery until I heard very good comments about and Estetik International.

I contacted Estetik International and after having done a consultation with their expert doctor I decided to undergo Rhinoplasty and also Lip Augmentation. After the surgery I was not bruised and neither in pain which was a plus as I could carry on with the daily routine.

Everyone at Estetik International took extremely good care of me and the doctor did a great job on both my nose and my lips. I am happy to say that thanks to the doctor I no longer have breathing problems and both my nose and lips are perfect and looking so natural.

After seeing such amazing results I can't wait to go back to Estetik International for more surgeries and I will definitely recommend Estetik International to anyone."


Claudia Farrugia

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