The positive changes after the stem cell treatment in a patient who had a stroke

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Patient D. Ch., 60 years old. Diagnosis: Stroke. Dementia.

Pre-therapy: the patient's primary problem was cognitive decline with history of psychosis, depression, anxiety and stroke. She reported short-term memory problems and language issues. She underwent medication therapy that resulted only in slight improvements.

Just after the patien't return home after the stem cell treatment we received the following letter:

Dear EmCell team,

We had a good flight back. We loved the way you people work. You all seem to care more about who you are helping and not about the money. You people also give 100% and all work like a family. The care was great. I will be hit tomorrow telling at work about your clinic, and I work with people from families with different health problems. My wife seems to talk a little more than before; she seems more alert to her surroundings. She is also more in peace with herself. Before she saw herself going backwards, but now she knows there is hope.

Thanks for all your help,
D. and D.Ch.

One week after the stem cell treatment D.'s husband wrote us:

Hi everyone,

My wife's short term memory is getting better. I said something's yesterday and she said something the day after about it. Also I asked her if she would clean our bathroom, and she did it without instruction. That's a big change. Things look better each day.

Thanks for everything,
D. & D.

One month after the stem cell treatment we received the following message:

Dear Sirs,

My wife has changed a lot. She speaks better; she is more like her old self. Her memory has improved. Each day there are more changes.


Two months after the stem cell treatment there were even more positive changes in D.'s condition:

Hello everyone,

My wife and I were in a bad motorcycle accident June 13. We both had a lot off road rash and bruises, but no broken bones. Diane's wounds have healed faster than mine. Here is a list of changes:

  • D. can talk without looking for the next word.
  • Her memory is sometimes better than mine.
  • She cleans around house with no instructions.
  • She does laundry.
  • She can make her on lunches.
  • She also has been using the phone last week; she called me at work and talked to a co-worker we have known for 17 years.
  • People that have known us for some time can't believe the change.

Best regards,

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