Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in Kiev Ukraine Patient Testimonial

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Kiev, Ukraine
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Evaluation of patient about Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in Kiev, Ukraine

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in Kiev Ukraine


Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in Kiev, Ukraine

Patient Testimonial


The boy is from a family with positive autism history.  Parents report normal development and timely milestones during the first 18 months of life.  By that time, A.H. started speaking (saying words).  Regress started after MMR vaccination when he lost his vocabulary, ceased to act usual (he was greeting his father from work in his own special way and ceased to do so after vaccination) and developed repetitive behavior and hyperactivity.  Parents’ major concerns were

  • repetitive motions.
  • poor eye contact during conversation
  • hyperactivity
  • abnormal expression of emotions

One month after the treatment (letter from the parents)

I noticed  that he’s  showing some interesting things like looking at you, when you call his name and tell him to come, he will immediately stop whatever his doing and come to me.

The thing is,  his behaviour is changing a little bit. With supervision, like daily routines, cleaning, trying to help around the house.

A.H. sleeping is also improving as well as the toilet accidents.

It's been a month so far, little bit of  improvement with supervision, I'm  happy,  and hopefully he will be and able to do more next time.

Two months after the treatment (letter from the parents)

Few surprises and lots of "more of the same".

1). More eye contact, including looking when his name is called out.
2). Following instructions more with some prompting and insistence.
3). Helping with very basic chores with some pushing and insistences.
4). A.H. surprises his mom sometimes when he hears her coming into the house. He comes and positions himself for a hug and a kiss.
5). A.H. now sleeps in his bed in a separate room. After a meal and a shower/bath near bed time he would willingly jump into his bed in his room and sleep through the night.

But the most interesting thing happened last week. Mom was busy and couldn't go get him from school. So she asked another parent to pick him up. A.H. knows this person and has been picked by her before. She has an autistic child in the same school. When his therapist brought him out to the car, and on realizing that his mom was not the driver he refused to get into the car. A.H. likes vans and SUVs and that was what the parent was driving. So it was not the car that he was against. He clearly expected his mom. Only after much persuasion and music did he agree to get into the car. That was interesting because he used to be careless with strangers. He could easily hold hands and walk away with anybody who came to get him.

Patient: A.H.

Gender: M
Age: 11 y.o.
Country: USA
Diagnosis: Autism

Treatment dates: Dec. 28-30, 2016


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