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COVID-19 Recovery Treatment using Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Kiev, Ukraine

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Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy, Stem Cell Treatment for Mesenchymal (MSC)
Associated Center: Institute of Cell Therapy
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Holistic Healing: COVID-19 Recovery Treatment in Kiev, Ukraine

Stem Cell Therapy in Ukraine

COVID-19 Recovery Treatment using Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Kiev, Ukraine

Coronavirus has caused a huge setback resulting in global pandemic.  People around the world have faced SARS-COV-19 pandemic, which causes COVID-19. People are waiting for the vaccines to arrive, but it is still not sure when and how vaccines will be available. 
There is no antiviral therapy, and vaccine has not been developed yet. Studies show that even patients, who were asymptomatic, have changes in lungsHowever, researchers at Institute of Cell Therapy is also constantly working on and they have found that mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from the placenta may help in COVID-19 treatment.

Effects of COVID-19:

  • Immune System- Causes a “cytokine storm” - a massive release of cytokines - cell hormones that destroy their own tissues, cause edema. Reduce protective functions due to a rapid decline in lymphocytes, cells that fight the virus.
  • Respiratory System- Causes pneumonia, due to the destruction of lung tissue leads to acute distress syndrome, respiratory failure.
  • Organism as a whole- Increases inflammatory processes, leads to exacerbation of chronic diseases, especially dangerous for people with cardiovascular, respiratory diseases, impaired liver function and metabolism, immunosuppression, oncology.

Institute of Cell Therapy's Program

Scientists and doctors of Institute of Cell Therapy have developed a program to stabilize the immune system and restore patients who suffered from COVID-19. We were relying on our own half-century experience of using mesenchymal stem cells in the treatment of patients with various pathology and world studies in the field of stem cells (MSCs) effects on the fight against coronavirus infection and its complications. To date, 15 clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of this method, 50 - are to be successfully completed.

The effect of mesenchymal stem cells administration in COVID-19 treatment
  • Increase of antiviral protection due to the properties of MSCs and an increase of the number of lymphocytes
  • Reduction in the general inflammatory process in the body by lowering C-reactive protein, TNF-a
  • Increase in the level of anti-inflammatory protein IL-10

Stem Cell Treatment Ensures

  • Immunomodulation - optimization of the protective response
  • Protects and improves lung function: restores alveoli, prevents fibrosis and respiratory failure, significantly reduces the risk of mortality
  • Protects other organs and tissues of the body, reduces the risk of non-specific complications
  • Improves blood supply to all organs and tissues, accelerates the recovery of the body and rehabilitation after a viral infection
  • After the treatment, shortness of breath is reducing, cough finishes faster, breathing improves, endurance during physical activity increases, the virus is no longer detected in the blood


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