Breast Augmentation at Nirunda Clinic Patient Testimonial

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Breast Augmentation at Nirunda Clinic Patient Testimonial

Breast Augmentation at Nirunda Clinic Patient Testimonial

I had always had a tiny frame and small breasts. I have been the girl that doesn’t even fill out a bathing suit and never enjoys bra shopping. I wore tons of sports bras because a push up bra can’t push anything up! I am a 32B but honestly I don’t even fill out the B cup because I am 32 around, and a 32A is too small and a 34A is not comfortable.

Anyways! My boyfriend loves me either way but his step mother has boobs, and she is getting hers redone so I gave up my birthday gift and Christmas gift this year for boobies! I am 25, 5’3 and 110lbs.

I saw the Dr. Nirunda and I told him that I am a very active person, I run, and spin, and I don’t want people to look at me and say oh hey boobs but! I said I want to be in the realm of a medium C. Luckily, he worked with me with the sizes, and did not push me to get a bigger or smaller size which I was afraid of.

 He answered all my questions, and I felt very comfortable.

I was pretty nervous before my surgery, but it went completely fine with no problems. I did have some pain after the surgery, but it really wasn’t too bad, the medications made everything very bearable. I was even able to get out some and tour Bangkok a little.

After being back and thinking about it, I think my healing went AMAZINGLY! I am confident and comfortable and feeling sexier than ever! The shape of my breasts looks amazing! I am SO happy with the size I chose, correction my DOCTOR CHOSE! But I seriously wouldn’t change a thing! The experience was worth it because the end result is better than I imagined! I was scared I would feel fake or as if I was betraying my natural God given look. I really still feel like myself however just slightly enhanced ;) I am more than satisfied with the end results!

R., Russia

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