Surrogacy Patient Testimonial in Tbilisi, Georgia

Kostava Street. 38, Tbilisi, Georgia
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Surrogacy Patient Testimonial in Tbilisi, Georgia


We have been blessed with twins thanks to Reproductive Health Center of Chachava Clinic

Patient Testimonial

On a sunny afternoon at our rented Apartment opposite Chachva Clinic gazing out at the clear skies of Tbilisi, Georgia and I am trying to reflect back on how & when it all started and how everything worked out to bring us where we are in our life today- NOW !!!

Nothing short of a miracle we are blessed with Twins a baby boy & a girl after almost 5 years….absolutely humbled and with utmost gratitude we would like to “Thank” the entire Team of JSC Chachava Clinic for giving us hope and supporting us throughout our Surrogacy arrangement.

Specifically,I am thinking about 3 endometriosis surgeries , multiple IVF failures and 2 miscarriage my wife experienced over the past 4 years…..and then we decide to travel to Tbilisi Georgia at Chachava Clinic last year for Surrogacy to be blessed with Twins babies today………..wouldn’t have been possible without the collective effort of the entire Medical Team at Chachava Clinic- Dr. Oliko, Dr. Hakan etc and of course our lovely Surrogate Mother.

Most importantly we would like to Thank Keti Gotridze - Manager of Administration who stood besides us as our pillar of strength all through out. 

Surrogacy as such is a complicated process and was an emotional ride for us….Not all situations were alike. All throughout 12 months Keti was extraordinarily patient with our questions& emails and our phone calls we made from Australia at odd timings. She was always on top of and updated about our Surrogate…her blood results, consultaltion,reports etc. On the phone she would listen to our questions patiently at length(even when they were silly)…….We had several detailed conversations on the phone and Keti has always given us that extra time until we felt satisfied. In final days here in Tbilisi, we feel like home in Georgia and its mostly because of Keti and her support. Can’t Thank you enough Keti !

There is so much we can go on to say about the rest of the Team members here at Chahchava- Tamara, Tatiana, Dr. Khatuna and their individual help on various occasion. It will be unfair if we don’t ….we have decided to write a blog instead to share our entire Surrogacy experience in Tbilisi, Georgia at Chachava Clinic.

Couple from Sydney, Australia

   Chachava Clinic Reproductive Health Center is the place where life begins!

Here we care for you!

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