Weight Loss in Mumbai India Patient Testimonial

Center Name: Rejuvenesse

Location: Ground floor, Shrikunj building, 3A Altamount road, Opposite Bank of India Altamount road branch
Mumbai, India
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Weight Loss in Mumbai India Patient Testimonial


Weight Loss Program in Mumbai, India

Patient Testimonial

Mr. Agarwal

I am 55 years old. I had already done Bariatric surgery and had managed to lose 56 kgs. However, due to excessive eating of rice and carbohydrates, I put on 30 kgs again.  Due to Bariatric Surgery I had already become quite weak. I was very reluctant to try another weightless option. At this time I heard about Rejuvenesse – Weightloss Program. When I understood the concept and came to know that I didn’t need to exercise I immediately enrolled for the program. I again lost 25 kgs in 2 programs and feel much more energized and fit.

Ms. Jain Age 28 years

I am 28 years old and had a lifestyle where I ate at odd hours, indulged in alcohol . Due to all this, I had completely lost my body shape and developed love handles. With the Rejuvenesse Weight Loss program, I lost 12 kgs and all the excess flesh has gone away. I feel so energetic and also got back my original shape.

Mr. Shah

At age of 69, I was weighing 133 kgs. I had multiple health issues and was not able to walk even few steps without getting breathless. Climbing even few stairs would mean breathlessness of almost an hour. With the Rejuvenesse Weight Loss Program, I lost 22 kgs !! I don’t feel breathless anymore. I can walk much longer and even climb a flight of stairs without any problem.

Mrs. Badshah

I hail from a typical muslim joint family with 28 members.  It is our culture to enjoy festivities as well as feasts. All my family members are above 90 kgs (men and women). Due to this environment, I always felt that I can never loose weight. While surfing the internet on Obesity, I came across Dr. Scheik’s Weightloss Program. I contacted him and he assured me that their program could work for me. I took the program secretly and I was shocked to have lost 21 kgs in just 6 weeks. I am grateful to Dr. Scheik and Rejuvenesse for this transformation!!

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