Kidney Transplant Patient Testimonial in Mumbai India

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Kidney Transplant Patient Testimonial in Mumbai India

Kidney Transplant in Mumbai, India

Patient Testimonial

Mr. Saraf

I had both my kidneys transplanted. Due to this my immune system had become very weak and I was prone to various illnesses from time to time. My local doctor had told me that no treatment could help me. When I met Dr. Shams Scheik at the Rejuvenesse clinic, I was so impressed by his treatment approach that I decided to take a chance with his treatment. I was most impressed with the fact that he was a doctor who did everything himself and did not want to depend on anyone.

This gave me even more confident and made me feel I was in safe hands. Its now 3 months since my treatment. I rarely fall sick, I can once again work for 7-8 hours without feeling tired or sick. My kidneys are also functioning much better. I think Rejuvenesse treatments are nothing less than a miracle !!!

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